Entitlement Definitions

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Apprenda provides a fully featured Entitlement Engine, allowing developers to flag application functionality an entitlement via API calls. These individual entitlements can be grouped into entitlement sets that instruct the platform on what features to grant to each user, allowing for user-specific application experiences.

Multi-tenancy is an application architecture that allows users grouped into organizational units to access a single shared instance of the application across those organizational units, while giving each user a unique application experience. Some users may need access to specific capabilities in your application that others don’t need, such as a power user needing control over specifics. Apprenda’s entitlement engine provides an API that makes it easy to specify portions of an applications code that should be considered an entitlement, and that can then be controlled by configuring user specific meta-data to identify what sets of entitlements a given group of users should receive.


Key Points

  • API for denoting standard and meterable transaction entitlements
  • Portal based definition of user entitlement sets
  • Subscription engine for granting users entitlement sets and managing those entitlements
  • Meta-data driven quantity thresholds on metered entitlements

Apprenda’s Entitlement Engine ensures that developers can map application functionality in a multi-tenant way to users, affording each organizational unit and user an application functional experience tailored to their needs.