More and more small businesses are getting their websites up and running. When setting up a website, these companies either build it on their own or use a website design company and service to help.

Setting up a website takes time, so many companies are now turning to design and service companies to set up their website and manage the routine upkeep of information. To make your search for a website design company and service more efficient, we have compiled a list of the top ten companies ready to help small businesses.

Best Website Design Companies and Services

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Top Pick Visit Site offers website design services to help you with a DIY website project or take the design duties off your hands, giving it to one of the professionals. Businesses needing a professional website completed fast will benefit from the options available from, including templates that allow you to adjust various elements, such as colors, layouts, and fonts.

Plus, allows you to add unique elements, such as HTML snippets and multiple social media sharing buttons. You are in control of your website design, and their team of experts can help create an eye-catching website with plans featuring hosting options, a domain name, and an SSL certificate.

Benefits of using for your website design needs include:

  • Simple DIY options
  • Easy-to-create websites within minutes
  • Experts who provide many frills to your final design.


Mainstreethost Visit Site

Mainstreethost takes the worry and stress of creating a website off your shoulders. With two U.S.-based offices, Mainstreethost handles all your business website needs, including WordPress designs and improved implementations of SEO and PPC.

If you need a company to create a compelling website today, Mainstreethost has a team ready to handle all your design and management needs. Benefits of working with Mainstreethost for your website design include expert graphic design teams, shared and dedicated hosting, and an online portfolio for you to see.


SmartSites Visit Site

SmartSites is a website design company and service providing businesses with websites using WordPress or Magento. With more than $100M in revenue earned through its portfolio, SmartSites has the experience to provide you with a spectacular website to attract new customers and clients while providing access to information to those who already support your business.

Some of the many benefits to hiring SmartSites to work on your website include having unlimited revisions before coding, setting up information and E-commerce sites, and they can provide you with lots of client testimonials assuring you and your website design are in good hands.


29dollarWebsites Visit Site

With prices starting at $29 per month, 29dollarWebsites allows businesses to establish websites through affordable package plans. The tools available through this company help pull data directly from your Facebook page and change the website with live updates in less than 24 hours.

Hosting and domain names are included in packages available from 29dollarWebsites. Additional benefits to working with the tools from this company include custom and template pages.

Thrive Agency

Thrive Agency
Thrive Agency Visit Site

Businesses looking for a fully customized website can rely on Thrive Agency to develop websites to provide exceptional customer service to your customers and clients. Plus, the company is experienced in handling all types of websites, including ADA-compliant and eCommerce sites.

Suppose you want to build a long-term relationship with your website design company. In that case, Thrive Agency has dedicated expert designers who are ready to take your business design to the level you desire. Benefits of using Thrive Agency for your website design projects include building an accessible website, complete customization, and two rounds of revisions.


Hibu Visit Site

Hibu understands we live in a digital world and uses innovative technology to help create unique websites for businesses like yours. Using the latest technology, websites produced by Hibu perform better, communicate with Google more efficiently, and help increase your website's invisibility among online searches.

When you hire Hibu to handle your website design, you are assigned a team of experts to control everything, provide excellent customer service, and communicate with you every step of the way. Other benefits of working with HIbu for website design include access to exceptional quality designs and working with a company with great reviews from current and past clients.


Fiverr Visit Site

If you are looking for a website designer to outsource various design and update projects to, check out Fiverr. This popular service connects businesses with talented website design freelancers who can help you with website design, commercial website services, HTML/CSS conversion, source files, and interactive mockups.

The benefits of hiring a website design freelancer through Fiverr include having a wide range of design options, affordable pricing, and a reliable designer ranking system.

Digital Silk

Digital Silk
Digital Silk Visit Site

As one of the top-rated digital agencies, Digital Silk provides businesses with custom websites designed to drive higher conversion and significantly improve SEO while growing brand recognition online. The company helps all types and sizes of companies, including start-ups and Fortune 500.

Some benefits of working on your website design with Digital Sik include custom web designs, eCommerce development, SEO and content marketing, and personalized branding strategies.

The Free Website Guys

The Free Website Guys continue receiving high reviews and landing among the top rankings for website design companies and services. With select basic packages available for free, select upgraded packages are available at varying affordable prices.

Benefits business owners experience when working with The Free Website Guys include quick turnaround, attentive customer service, and expert advice for your business's online presence.

Bluehost Design and Marketing Services

Bluehost Design and Marketing Services can help build your website from scratch, or they can help improve your existing website's design and functionality. This website design company and service allows you to customize your website, creating the perfect place for existing customers to learn more about your business and for new consumers to discover what you offer.

When working with Bluehost Design and Marketing Services, you may experience many benefits, including affordable prices, free WordPress migration, PPC marketing, and a versatile website design.

Frequently Asked Questions About Hiring a Website Design Company and Service

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Who are the best website designers?

Like businesses, website designers come in all shapes and sizes, with varying experience and expertise. Finding the best website designer for your company's website depends significantly upon your needs and what and how you want consumers to access information.

Before shopping for a website designer, it is best if you make a list of all your website design needs, including the following:

Price: How much website design and service cost should always be a factor in which company you choose to work with. Some companies offer affordable prices that fit your budget, while others may provide monthly payment plans. Don't forget to ask if there is an added cost for options, including ongoing maintenance and social media integration.

Turnaround Time: Know when to complete the website and set a deadline. When searching for a company, ask to ensure they can meet your company's website design deadline.

Customization: Ensure your company controls the website's appearance and operation using a design company's customization services. Customization allows your website to be set up based on your company's needs while ensuring it is unique and not made from a template hundreds of other websites are already using.

eCommerce Options: If your business offers online shopping options, look for a company that helps set your eCommerce shop up and help maintain it as products sell and new inventory arrives.

Ongoing Maintenance: Having a company to help with the constant maintenance of your website ensures it remains current and allows you to make changes as things in your business change.

Mobile Compatibility: Consumers are on the go more now than ever and get most of their information using mobile devices. Look for a website design company that also helps make the website mobile-friendly.

How should a website be designed?

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Designing a website is easier than most people believe. Essentially, developing a website starts with an idea some brainstorming, and then it continues to grow. Several companies offer DIY packages even if you are not very creative or have no experience building websites. These packages feature hundreds of templates with all essential website elements in place, and all you have to do is add images, change colors, and customize information about your business.

If you are still struggling with making your own website, several companies are ready to help you. Website design companies and services offer varying levels of website design assistance, including finalizing your DIY website and completing the entire project for you.

Why should I hire a website design company and service for my website?

Hiring a website design company and service takes creating and managing your website off your hands. This helps free up time to focus on operating and growing your business. Additionally, hiring a company to build your website takes the pressure and stress off you, especially if you need help developing and designing a website.

Additional reasons why you should hire a website design company and service may include the following:

  • A professional-looking website
  • Expert designers to handle issues
  • Improved SEO
  • A more responsive website
  • Improved user experience
  • Mobile-friendly designs
  • Attention to detail
  • An effective call to action
  • Competitive advantage

Can I design a website for free?

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If you are not interested in or unable to pay for website design services, there are some ways you can build the website for free. However, companies such as Wix and Squarespace offer ways to set up a website for free but have limited options. Many websites designed using these free options have similar features and look alike.

If you are on a tight budget but need a website now, a free website can help get you online and in front of consumers. Then, when you have the budget available, hire a website designer to create a more improved website for your business.

If your business is ready to go online or needs a website overhaul, check out the above-listed companies to see which one may fit your needs. When shopping for a website designer, list what you need and check to ensure the company you choose can offer everything you need for your budget and timeframe.

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