Apprenda Cloud Platform

One Platform for Cloud Native and Existing Applications

Apprenda Cloud Platform empowers enterprise IT to create a Kubernetes-enabled shared service on the infrastructures of their choice and offer it to developers across business units

Revolutionize Enterprise Shared Services Using ACP with Kubernetes

ACP's Key Features


Central IT

Offer a Kubernetes Enabled Shared Service Platform to Developers

Apprenda provides a comprehensive, policy-driven, cloud application platform that your organization delivers as a service to development teams, with support for both cloud native and traditional application workloads.


Get your Kubernetes project off the ground with OSS tools and commercial support subscriptions

Apprenda provides open source tools, and expert support needed to unify your container management initiatives into a production Kubernetes solution backed by your team.

Bridge the Gap that Exists in Today’s Enterprise Offer a shared service application platform based on Kubernetes Get your Kubernetes project off the ground with support, services, and OSS tools WITH APPRENDA

One Platform for Cloud Native and Existing Apps

Existing Apps

Existing & Legacy Apps, .NET, Java, Multi-tier
  • SaaS Enable without Refactoring Code
  • Achieve Auto or Scheduled Elastic Scaling
  • Enable High Availability and Disaster Recovery
  • Future Proof Apps by Abstracting from Infrastructure
  • Enhance Agility
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Cloud Native

New Cloud Native Apps, Twelve Factor, Docker
  • Transform Apps to Web Scale
  • Embrace Containers and Microservices
  • Enable Devops and Reduce Time to Market
  • Leverage Existing Infrastructure
  • Automate Workload Placements
Existing & New Infrastructure

Public, Private, Hybrid, Virtualized, Bare Metal

Apprenda Cloud Platform Capabilities

  • Policy Driven
  • Multi-tenancy
  • Auto Scaling
  • High Availability
  • Metering
  • Self Services Ops & Dev Portal
  • Logging and Monitoring
  • Service Catalog

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