A photograph is more than simply an image; it is a tale in the making. In this era, where photos and videos are the medium of sharing feelings, the right photo editing app can be your best friend. The power of a perfectly edited photo cannot be underestimated- it invokes hearty laughter, sparks inspiration, and so on. Most importantly it becomes a visual treat and saves you from embarrassment.

From filters that will turn your boring pictures into cinematic masterpieces to advanced tools that will make your pictures magazine-worthy, we’ve got you covered. These apps not only edit your photos, but they create life into dull photos and also give life to the photos your not-so-photographer took. We understand the pain of getting dressed and not getting a single photo to post.

These top 10 Instagram photo editing apps can transform your everyday snaps into masterpieces. Whether you are a seasoned influencer or a wanna-be influencer, these apps will take you to the “for you” page.

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1. Facetune: Perfecting Your Selfies  

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Let’s face it; you take 10 selfies to post one. But just before posting you realize that there are tiny errors. And you need to get them right now, it’s a challenge. Not anymore! Try Facetune, an app to effortlessly edit your selfies, and retouch them within seconds. This user-friendly editing tool can help you smoothen your skin, say bye-bye to blemishes, and even change your eye colors(how fun is that!). 

It’s a trusted app by millions of users worldwide with a 5-star rating. Not convinced yet? Facetune by Lightricks stands as the number 1 photo and video editing app in 100+ countries. Facetune gives you that artistic flair you all have been waiting for. According to Forbes, Facetune is a must-have photo editing app.

Facetune isn’t just any photo editing app that lets you perfect your skin and enhance your eyes. It offers a wide range of features that you can use to completely change the mood of your photos.

  • Reshape: Get the perfect angle by adjusting facial features
  • Teeth Whitening: Brighten your smile with whiter teeth in one tap
  • Filers and effect bank: Choose from a pool of filters and effects to set the right mood and tone.
  • Background Blur: Want to look professional? Try blurring the background in seconds.

Tip for you: Remember to keep your uniqueness in each picture. While Facetune can work wonders, make sure you do the right edits.

2. BLACK: Capturing Meaningful Moments  

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Are you a black-and-white kind of person? Then BLACK is the perfect photo editing app for you. If you are into dynamic, vintage, moody, and throwback-style Instagrammer, BLACK helps you set the best tone for every photo. It beautifully mimics the feelings of black-and-white films, while infusing a sense of depth and emotion into every post.

The unique approach of BLACK to monochrome photography sets it apart from all other photo editing apps.  It has a range of black and white film filters and adjustments according to each preference. You can find filters for each mood, may it be, vintage, dark, aesthetic, power, stylish, and so on. You can also create eye-catching black and white artistic images that resonate with your followers and your personality.

We know that creating black and white photos is an art. It’s all about precision, isn’t it? BLACK makes it easily accessible to everyone by keeping it easy to use.

  • Contrast and Grain: Classic film fan? Fine-tune contrast and add grain so that you get your filmy vibe.
  • Film Emulation: Get the exact black and white look that you desire from the various filters available.
  • Tint Control: A little bit of tint never goes wrong. Add subtle tints for a touch of nostalgia

Tip for you: To set the mood right, experiment with various film types to find the one that suits you.

3. GoDaddy Studio: Beautiful design

GoDaddy Studio
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Haven’t you noticed influencers who make their posts like high-quality posters? Well, here is how you can do it in a knack. GoDaddy Studio (Before "Over") is a versatile photo editing app that lets you overlay texts on your images effortlessly. Sometimes when you do it, it may look childish. But, GoDaddy Studio gives you the best tool in the town to convey your messages without losing professionalism in your pictures.

There are a plethora of creative options available in GoDaddy Studio from inspirational quotes to captions to tell a story. Texts are one of the best ways to hook your customers and make them stay on your photo. GoDaddy Studio offers a wide range of customization and features that will leave you in wonder.

There is more than adding text and color. GoDaddy Studio has more than the basic editing tools to offer to turn your images into powerful messages or eye-catching promotional materials. 

  • Artwork and Graphics: GoDaddy Studio has a big library of artwork and graphics you can add to make your images more attractive.
  • Text Styles: For every mood and every message, choose from a variety of fonts, styles, colors, and much more.
  • Text Layouts: Find the perfect arrangement for you by experimenting with various premade layouts.
  • Templates: Don’t know where to start? Jumpstart your creativity with the professionally designed templates offered by GoDaddy Studio.

Tip for you: For the right effect, pay attention to the placement and legibility of the text. Also, make sure your message compliments your image, rather than overwhelming it.

4. Afterlight: Effortless Photo Enhancement  

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Impactful images don't always have to be complicated, thanks to Afterlight. With a wide selection of 79 filters, 78 textures, and 15 adjustment tools, you can create beautiful photos in seconds. 

Afterlight acts as a quick solution for all the busy bees out there. The app is developed for everyone to access easily, choosing the right filter, applying textures, and making precise adjustments are all a click away. You can easily create a visually stunning image that resonates with you and your followers.

The extensive filters and texture collection by Afterlight make it a versatile tool for enhancing all types of images.

  • Textures: Add dust, grain, and light leaks to add depth and character to your photos.
  • Filters: Make your photos look unique by giving an extra filter from the wide range of collections.
  • Crop and Rotate: Composition and alignment are crucial parts of an impactful image.
  • Advanced Editing: For those who love to refine, Afterlight provides tools to adjust exposure, contrast, and color to perfection.

Tip for you: Create your signature style that sets your photos apart by experimenting with textures and filters

5. Photon: Unleashing iPhone's Potential  

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IPhone users, this one’s for you. Are you bored of taking the same old pictures? Photon (Before "Camera +") takes your ordinary smartphone photography to the next level. Along with offering an array of filters and various other corrections, it enhances your camera’s capabilities such as raw capture and portrait mode, enabling your photos to be nothing short of professional. 

Photon is more than a simple photo editing app; it’s a power camera in your pocket. Some of the interesting features include enhancing raw features, depth capture, slow shutter modes, and so on goes the list. Photon also helps iPhone users to maximize their creativity and create Instagram-worthy images.

So, this is a complete photography toolkit that can fit in your pockets and bags. 

  • Portrait Mode: Create a stunning portrait with beautiful depth-of-field effects
  • Raw Capture: Get maximum editing flexibility in RAW format shooting
  • Slow Shutter Mode: Photon makes long-exposure shots easier
  • Clarity Tool: Enhances image sharpness and details in a single click

Tip for you: Photon can help you explore the hidden capabilities of your iPhone’s camera and your inner photographer

6. Hyperlapse from Instagram: Time-Lapse Brilliance  

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Making stunning content that always stands can be a little difficult. To keep your feed engaging and awestruck all the time, consider mixing photos and videos. Hyperlapse by Instagram makes it easy for users to create time-lapse videos.

Hyperlapse is designed by Instagram which offers a seamless experience for creating amazing time-lapse videos for your feed. The user-friendly interface and variety of features make time-lapse one of the best apps for creating time-lapses. Many Instagrammers have already leveraged the time-lapses to create amazing content, what is your excuse?

Time-lapse videos can transform mundane scenes into captivating narratives. Here's how Hyperlapse can help:

Hyperlapse can transform mundane scenes into captivating stories. What are some of the best features?

  • Stabilization: The advanced stabilization offered by Hyperlapse ensures smooth, professional-looking videos
  • Speed Control: For creating various effects Hyperlapse lets you adjust the speed of your time-lapse
  • Automatic Framing: You won’t have to spend hours selecting the best frames for your time frame automatically. 

Tip for you: Try capturing a sunset, a sunrise, a bustling city, or an artwork coming to life to showcase transformations.

7. Boomerang: Looping Creativity  

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Boomerang is another Instagram-owned gem that allows you to create captivating loop videos. It has been integrated into Instagram now. We all love Boomerangs- to show your costume, a fun beach day, and morning coffee. The ideas are infinite.

Boomerang adds a touch of fun and creativity to your Instagram post. Haven’t you seen a lot of people creating boomerangs? And yes, it always makes us stop scrolling. Some are so smooth and some aren’t.

Boomerang is all about turning moments into small pieces of videos. What can you add to it?

  • Loop Effect: Grab attention by creating playful, rhythmic loops
  • Slow Motion: Sprinkle some drama to your loops by slowing down the action.
  • Reverse: Make it interesting and unique by using reverse-motion loops.

Tip for you: Try creating boomerangs that highlight engaging moments that might otherwise be overlooked.

8. Layout from Instagram: Collage Your Moments  

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Do you want to share multiple photos at once? Try Layout from Instagram to create visually appealing collages. This simple and easy app can help you resize and reposition pictures, offering your followers a snapshot of your life.

Collages are a creative way to share multiple photos at once without boring your audiences. You can create collages of different styles, shapes, and more using Layout. As it’s launched by Instagram, it is also easy to share and post on Instagram from the Layout as well.

Are you a visual storyteller? Then this is your best friend (thank us later!). What are some of the features?

  • Grid Layout: Choose from a pool of grid styles to arrange your photos.
  • Drag and Drop: Rearranging and resizing cannot be simpler anymore. 
  • Custom Borders: Make your collages visually appealing by adding artistic borders.
  • Photo Booth: Make a dynamic collage by capturing multiple moments in a single frame.

Tip for you: Create a cohesive narrative by paying attention to the flow and arrangement of photos within your collage.

9. VSCO: A Blend of Editing and Community 

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Everyone knows VSCO, it’s no secret and we had to add it to our list! VSCO is a high-grade photo editing app. While a full membership is available, the free version offers a vast range of editing tools from beginner to advanced. And more? It allows you to follow your friends, share images, and also explore more creative content.

VSCO isn't just an editing app; it's a creative community. We'll explore its editing capabilities, from basic adjustments to advanced filters. We'll also delve into VSCO's social aspect, including creating a profile, following friends, and sharing your images. Additionally, we'll showcase how VSCO's blend of editing and community engagement can elevate your Instagram game.

VSCO is not just an editing app, rather it is a community. It stands apart for its unique filters, adjustments, and social aspects. Community engagement in VSCO can also elevate your Instagram game to another level. So buckle up!

So, this powerful editing app and like-minded community can be an asset to your collection. CSCO stands as the no.1 photo editing app according to CNET. Here's what you can do:

  • Editing Tools: From exposure to color grading, VSCO has a wide range of editing options to fine-tune your image.
  • Filters: VSCO is known for its famous filters. Explore to find your signature style
  • VSCO X: This premium version of VSCO can be accessed with a small subscription. It comes with various advanced tools.
  • Community: Share your work, discover inspiring content, and connect with like-minded photographers.

Tip for you: VSCO is a sea of tools and filters. Use the editing tools to set a mood for your feeds.

10. Snapseed: Fine-Tuned Perfection 

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Snapseed Visit Site

A Lot of people don't know that Snapseed was created by Google and it is the go-to app for refining your vacation photos. As per the NY Times, it is their budget pick packed with features. It has precise editing tools that will help you to elevate your beach and outdoor shots. There are a lot of features that people love about Snapseed like their ambience and saturation. 

Snapseed stands as one of the best editing tools for smartphone photographers. Its fine-tuned editing capabilities such as selective editing have impressed a community of photographers.

Want to Know More?

woman taking a picture with her mobile phone of a flower she is holding in her hand
  • Selective Editing: For precise adjustments, you can isolate and edit a specific area without affecting the rest.
  • Brush and Healing: Removing unwanted objects and impressions has now become easier
  • HDR Scape: The best feature for dynamic outdoor shots
  • Vintage Filters: Create a nostalgic atmosphere in your photos by applying customizable vintage looks.

Tip for you: If you want to create depth and add a dynamic effect, use selective editing to pop up your image.


Posting the right content is very important when it comes to Instagram (shh… your crush might see). With these 10 Instagram photo editing apps, you can transform your Instagram game into high levels. Share the small moments in your life with a snap of editing.

Your Instagram journey starts here today with these top-notch photo editing apps. Whether you are aiming to create an emotional post, a nostalgic one, or a trip rewind, we have covered everything for you. Now, serve your feed what it deserves!

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