End User Onboarding/Provisioning

Apprenda Cloud Platform provides a powerful self-service provisioning system, that can be tightly integrated with your enterprise directory/authentication services.

Applications running on ACP are instantly integrated into a powerful provisioning system for end user on-boarding. The Apprenda provisioning system allows new end users to supply information at sign up, which is then used to allocate resources, deploy necessary application components, and grant them immediate access to applications – essentially giving you the ability to “turn on” service for customers with no coding on your part. This allows for low-touch, low cost end user on-boarding, keeping your business agile and removing any hurdles that might discourage new end users. Whether you plan on offering self provisioning to your enterprise business end users (or external customer end users), plan on provisioning business end users on their behalf, or a mixture of both, ACP can help!

Key Points

  • Apprenda’s powerful and flexible provisioning systems allows for instant customer on-boarding.
  • Linked directly with Apprenda’s metering capabilities and APIs, customers can be provisioned automatically with the specific feature set and options they choose.
  • Provisioning can still happen in a non self serve fashion as desired.

Building enterprise applications is one thing, getting business end users onboarded is another. As development teams deploy apps and end users want to use them, the lack of a fluid and automated process for provisioning those end users will become a huge stumbling block to growth, introduce human error due to manual intervention, and add unnecessarily to enterprise IT’s overall cost of service.