Centralized Logging/Auditing

Feature Screenshot

Apprenda’s Logging System allows developers to log messages easily and efficiently, even on a distributed network of servers. Complete with log levels, filtering, and notifications, the Logging System provides an out of the box way to handle most application logging needs.

Standard single server applications typically log data to a text file on disk. Finding and digesting log information is trivial, making standard logging systems satisfactory. PaaS’ typically run on a distributed network of servers that make logging even the most basic data difficult since log files could appear anywhere on the network of servers supporting the PaaS.

Key Points

  • Logging API that can be used directly or wrapped as an appender and used through
    other logging APIs
  • Configurable log levels for developers with scoped log level filters controlled platform wide by operators and on a per application basis by developers
  • Global, cross application and cross development team searching of log data for
    platform operators
  • Cross application searching of log data for development teams
  • Configurable platform wide and application wide log level thresholds
  • Log masking to “find and replace” sensitive data patterns in developer posted logs, increasing compliance with corporate data policies
  • Email notifications based on application and log level
  • Contextual tagging for multi-tenant applications

The Apprenda Logging System centralizes log messages, making them auditable and searchable from anywhere.