The Private PaaS Powering the Software Defined Enterprise

Custom Software Solutions Have Become The Competitive Currency





As a result, your application platform is more important than ever.

Our Private PaaS empowers enterprises to build the best next generation applications faster, using today's skill-sets & investments.

Enterprise PaaS for Hybrid Cloud

Application Layer

Apprenda Application Layer

700% Increase in Development Productivity

  • Faster innovation on new app development
  • Low friction cloud-enablement for existing apps
  • Drastically reduced time to market for new apps
  • Streamlined application management, scaling, and high availability
  • Standardized consumption model for end users

Platform Layer

300% Increase in Infrastructure Utilization

  • Reduced risk through centralized elasticity and high availability
  • Increased efficiency through architecture standardization across the application portfolio
  • Low friction porting of existing .NET and Java assets and skills to modern cloud development
Apprenda Platform Layer

Infrastructure Layer

45% Decrease in Infrastructure Cost

  • Reduced lock-in through infrastructure independence
  • Lower cost of transitioning applications to public cloud
  • Flexibility, cost optimization, and lowered risk through seamless hybrid cloud
  • Slashed infrastructure spend by cutting out the hypervisor or providing hypervisor independence
Apprenda Infrastructure Layer

Things you can do better with Apprenda's Private PaaS

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Our clients not only save up to 70% on infrastructure costs per year, they also spend more time on innovation.

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