Yesterday's Investments and Tomorrow's Innovations

Bridged TODAY with the Apprenda Cloud Platform

Apprenda provides a comprehensive, policy driven, Kubernetes based cloud application platform that your organization delivers as a service to development teams, with support for both cloud native and traditional application workloads.

Speed Time to Market for New Products

Apprenda provides your organization with a superior platform to deliver more software faster—and with greater quality. Through centralized policy and governance, shared application services, automatic architecture standardization, and more, Apprenda enables a mature software factory model so you can move faster—safely.

Case Study

Learn How McKesson Saved Years of Effort with Apprenda

Leverage Cloud on Your Terms

Apprenda enables you to pool any infrastructure—public or private, bare-metal, or virtualized—into a single logical hosting layer that you can control through policy.

With Apprenda, you become the broker to a comprehensive set of services, providing development and IT teams with safe, secure access to the right tool for the job every time—regardless of physical location.

See How Apprenda Enables Hybrid Cloud

Reduce IT Complexity and Cost

Through a combination of increased infrastructure utilization—orders of magnitude higher than pure virtualization—and improved developer and IT Ops productivity, Apprenda enables you to drive significant costs savings that are realized almost immediately upon implementation.

Learn How to Choose a Cloud Platform for Your Organization's Needs

Capture New Revenue Opportunities

As enterprises undergo digital transformation, custom software has become the competitive currency. It is the key asset enabling organizations to unlock new revenue streams and drive meaningful transformation for themselves, their industries, and society.

Apprenda provides your organization with a superior platform for building and delivering software—one that makes your developers more productive, maximizes your IT investments, and enables faster innovation.

Case Study

See How an Apprenda Customer Modernized 71 Apps in a Single Day!

The Apprenda Difference

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New & Existing Applications

One platform for your entire custom application portfolio. Build, deploy, run, and manage your traditional .NET and Java applications, together with your microservices and container based workloads.

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Current & Future Integrations

One platform with a growing list of out-of-the box integrations and powerful service add on capabilities. Use what you have now and what you want in the future.

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Private & Public Clouds

One platform spanning multiple data-centers and clouds. Run Apprenda on-prem or consume it as a managed service on the public cloud of your choice. Build once and run anywhere with complete infrastructure independence.

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Security & Compliance Controls

One platform enabling policy driven control over all of your devops processes, application workloads, and infrastructure utilization. Provide safe, self-service access to the resources your teams need.

Bridge the Gap that Exists in Today's Enterprise


Existing & Legacy Apps, .NET, Java, Multi-tier
  • SaaS Enable without Refactoring Code
  • Achieve Auto or Scheduled Elastic Scaling
  • Enable High Availability and Disaster Recovery
  • Future Proof Apps by Abstracting from Infrastructure
  • Enhance Agility
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New Cloud Native Apps, Twelve Factor, Docker
  • Transform Apps to Web Scale
  • Embrace Containers and Microservices
  • Enable Devops and Reduce Time to Market
  • Leverage Existing Infrastructure
  • Automate Workload Placements
Existing & New Infrastructure

Public, Private, Hybrid, Virtualized, Bare Metal

Apprenda Platform Capabilities

  • Policy Driven
  • Multi-tenancy
  • Auto Scaling
  • High Availability
  • Metering
  • Self Services Ops & Dev Portal
  • Logging and Monitoring
  • Service Catalog

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