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Dedicated support and community advocacy from our world-class team of Kubernetes and distributed systems experts.

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Support for open source Kubernetes on your choice of infrastructure, cloud provider and operating system


10+ years of experience in distributed systems with enterprise and Fortune 500 organizations


Flexible offerings to cater to a wide range of needs with world class experts and community advocacy

Apprenda’s Kubernetes support subscriptions cover your entire cluster. This includes assisting with issues and configurations in public and private clouds (GKE, AWS, Azure, IBM Cloud, etc), as well as critical tooling such as logging, monitoring, DNS service, proxy server, and more.

Our Package Offerings

Apprenda's Support Services Cover your Entire Cluster

For many of cour clients this means assisting with GKE / AWS / Azure issues as well as the tooling that is critical to the cluster.

Kubernetes Support Packages Options





Response Times
Telephone Support Not Included 24/7
Email Support 9am - 5pm* 24/7
Maximum Customer Contacts Up to 4 named persons Up to 4 named persons +2 additional per 40 nodes
Annual Incident Limit Unlimited Unlimited
Severity 1 Target Response Time 8 business hours* 1 hour
Severity 2 Target Response Time 8 business hours* 4 hours
Severity 3 Target Response Time 8 business hours* 24 hours
Included Support Functions
Remote troubleshooting (Screen control, SSH, etc.) Yes Yes
Access to customer support portal Yes Yes
Diagnosis of installation and configuration issues Yes Yes
Diagnosis of cluster management issues Yes Yes
Diagnosis of performance issues Yes Yes
Orchestration guidance (Architecture, scalability, HA)** No No
Infrastructure Management (DHCP, DNS, networking, security, provisioning)** No No
Installation, upgrades, patches** No No
Application on-boarding support** No No
Application assessment** No No
Application development support** No No

Severity SLA Definitions

Severity Level 1

The Production system is down or severely impacted, such that routine operation is impossible.

Severity Level 2

The Production system is degraded or restricted, and the issue cannot be circumvented or avoided on a temporary basis by the Customer.

Severity Level 3

A limited problem or condition that is not critical and that may be circumvented or avoided on a temporary basis by the Customer.

Target Response Time

The amount of time elapsed between the initial contact of the Customer and the initial response by Apprenda Support staff.


Technical telephone and email assistance provided by Apprenda Support to Customer concerning the use of Kubernetes.


* Based on the time zone for the location of the Customer’s product installation(s) or representative(s) as established in their subscription agreement; “business hours” encompass the hours from 9AM-5PM for this time zone.

** See CloudRISE: Kubernetes for services including installation, guidance, application development/assessment/on-boarding.

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