Kismatic Enterprise Toolkit

The open source enterprise toolkit for deploying and operating full lifecycle Kubernetes clusters in production


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The Fully-Automated Path to Production Kubernetes

Kismatic Enterprise Toolkit (KET) is Apprenda’s commercially supported and fully open-source Kubernetes offering. KET provides a common system for enterprise users of all industries to run reliable and trusted deployments of Kubernetes on any infrastructure — with a focus on the private cloud. In highly regulated industries, the shift to public cloud has happened at a slower pace. Consequently, Kubernetes adoption in the enterprise data center presents foreboding challenges that most organizations deem unsolved — until now.

KET is the first commercially supported offering that provides a set of default cluster services that go beyond basic automation of installing and running Kubernetes on a few nodes or on a laptop. Users can expect proven and tested defaults for networking, monitoring, logging, service routing, storage and more as KET matures and solve the “last-mile” complexities of running microservices and distributed applications in the enterprise.

  • Zero Lock-In
    Our fully open source model ensures that customers can always expect complete fidelity with the upstream Kubernetes APIs and bits in every stable release.
  • Global 24/7/365 Support
    International support facilities with Apprenda KREs (Kubernetes Reliability Engineers) around the globe provide follow-the-sun continuity for mission critical Kubernetes platforms.
  • Streamlined Operations
    Easily manage cluster upgrades, updates and lifecycle with central tooling for platform operations and development teams.
  • Operating System Agnostic
    With leading support for all major Linux Distributions (RHEL, CentOS, Ubuntu + more).
  • Time to Production
    Reduce your enterprise Kubernetes deployment timeframes from weeks to hours with fully-automated installation and configuration tooling based on proven best practices.
  • Enterprise-Grade Operations
    Optimized operational controls for deploying and scaling highly-available and resilient Kubernetes clusters behind the firewall on bare metal and/or hypervisor-agnostic physical VMs.
  • Built In Enterprise Defaults
    KET ships with pluggable enterprise defaults for networking, storage, IAM, monitoring, logging and more. Focus on your applications, not your cluster!
  • Any Cloud
    Run reliably on any public cloud infrastructure provider like AWS, GCE, Azure, Rackspace, Packet and more.
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