Video: How Apprenda Works with Windows Azure Pack

By Atos Apprenda Support


Apprenda and Microsoft share the vision that hybrid cloud is the next evolution in cloud architecture for hosting enterprise applications. We’ve partnered several times to provide enterprises with a turnkey Platform as a Service (PaaS) that transforms any infrastructure into a policy driven, hybrid-cloud application platform for custom applications.

Windows Azure Pack (WAP) provides a self-service IT solution for your data center by providing Infrastructure as a Service, provisioning, and automation services for websites and virtual machines. Apprenda integrates with WAP, introducing full PaaS capabilities for modern .NET and Java applications. Together, we’re helping enterprises maximize their existing IT investments, deliver a single experience for developers and IT pros, and reduce the friction associated with modern application development.

Microsoft Senior Product Manager Andrew Zeller and I have also recorded a video explaining how to do the following:

  • Integrate WAP and Apprenda to turn your data center into a self-service platform for IT Pros and developers
  • Drive real hybrid cloud scenarios across multiple private, public, and hosted clouds
  • Accelerate development of websites and custom applications
  • Cloud-enable existing applications without rewriting them
  • Provide a single-pane of glass to manage your PaaS-based workloads through WAP
  • Enable governance policies that allow applications the flexibility to securely move between internal and external clouds

That video can be found below:

Atos Apprenda Support