Three Short Links is a daily look at interesting articles or projects that wander into my view. You’ll see a lot of code and musings on cloud and distributed architectures, cool new gadgets, and occasionally some more random topics including math, science, or, if you’re lucky, baseball.

  • Open Container Project: Docker and CoreOS join forces to create a standard container format. My less than charitable take on this is that both companies realized there’s no money to be made from the container tech.
  • Terra: Low-level language that behaves more like C (and can call C libraries), but can interoperate with Lua – even to the point of being JIT compiled down to bytecode.
  • Shatoetry: This is a few years old now (although the Android version might be new?) but it’s brand new to me. As someone who absolutely loves Shatner’s cover of Common People, getting him to read my poetry is awesome.


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