Three Short Links is a daily look at interesting articles or projects that wander into my view. You’ll see a lot of code and musings on cloud and distributed architectures, cool new gadgets, and occasionally some more random topics including math, science, or, if you’re lucky, baseball.

  • Hardware is hard: You’re going along, minding your own business, when you find that the conductive filament you’re using has huge performance variations. And now you need to find a supplier you can afford. Life is tough for hardware startups. But you should check out Snowshoe – an amazing idea that’s working through some growing pains.
  • babun: I’m always on the lookout for Windows shell replacements. This looks like a good one to try – although I’ve been pretty happy with cmder for a while.
  • Type-safety in native JavaScript: Admittedly a thought exercise, and more about validating types rather than being type-safe (since there’s no compilation step), this ends up being an interesting exercise from the “everything should have semantic meaning” school of OO. I’m pretty sure that wasn’t the goal of the piece, but what are you gonna do?
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  1. BenVMay 1, 2015

    No posts since this one, you owe us 12 links on Monday 🙂

  2. Dan TurkenkopfMay 3, 2015

    Sorry about that. I’ve been out at MS Build, and being in a conference all day is not really conducive to finding/posting links.

    I’ll be back at it tonight.

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