Is Private Cloud IaaS Enough for Developer Productivity?

By Atos Apprenda Support

The IT landscape is evolving and rapidly moving toward a self-service, agile model. IT departments are adapting to this by increasingly providing a service to their customers (developers) to deploy and manage their applications. Until now, it seemed do not wantlike private cloud IaaS was the magic bullet and only a few vendors emerged with various tools claiming to provide a solution. These solutions ended up being just a fancy screen in front of infrastructure provisioning in which deploying an application required a template of servers and hardware. This is NOT what developers want, and not what IT needs in the long run.

What does private cloud IaaS Provide?

IaaS has done an excellent job at automating and simplifying the provisioning of infrastructure. Enterprises are now able to use pre-configured templates and quickly stand-up machines and / or environments with just a button click. Does this solve the application deployment process? The short answer is NO.

IaaS fails to live up to its expectations in helping application deployments: developers still have to log in, configure server-specific settings, and request additional hardware (load balancers, etc.) to fully get their application up and running. With IaaS, developers are still tightly integrated with the underlying infrastructure and have the burden of learning how IT tools and the hardware work in order to be able to use them.

Developers want to develop without IT intervening

IaaS still requires developers (potentially in conjunction with IT) to be heavily involved in the server provisioning and configuration process which takes them away from their jobs: to develop and deliver the best applications possible. At times, this process can take up more than 60% of the developer’s time, resulting in a huge productivity loss.

How does Apprenda solve the problem?

feedbackApprenda completely decouples the application from the infrastructure and exposes the data center as a platform abstraction. It does this by providing an easy, self-service portal where developers can quickly deploy and manage their applications, while automatically abiding by any compliance requirements. The platform is in charge of examining the underlying servers and making the necessary changes to the applications so developers don’t have to. Scaling up and down becomes a simple click of a button that does not require additional hardware and can be done in less than 5 minutes.  This gives developers the ability to quickly react to their application’s usage.

There is a lot more to PaaS than simply deploy and scale…that is just the beginning.

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