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PaaS Masters: Why Cloud Platforms Hold the Key to Faster Business Success

For some time now, the rise of Platform-as-a-Service’ (PaaS) solutions, and the benefits they can provide have been one of the worst kept secrets in business. Like an up-and-coming hipster band that you’ve play live seen weeks before they make it big in the singles chart, PaaS is on the verge of exploding into the collective consciousness of organizations of all sizes…For years now, the benefits of PaaS have been widely known to all, and yet they have been rarely implemented. But why is this the case? Perhaps the primary reason is that PaaS is the latest in a seemingly endless slew of cloud solutions to have arrived in businesses…” Via Chloe Green, Information Age




The Enterprise Architect as Enterprise Ecologist
The increasingly complex systems nature of enterprise organizational and information technology design is creating an interesting disruption — and opportunity — for the role traditionally known as the “enterprise architect.” And it is a shift that, by its very nature, puts the very use of the term “architect” in question…the term “architect” really falls short of describing the complex systems nature of the modern enterprise and its information technology…The days of the plotter diagrams showing exactly how everyone (and everything) should work together and dictating how information should flow within an organization are, in a real sense, over. I contend we have long since entered the era of measuring and influencing the way a system evolves on its own.” Via James Urquhart, GigaOM

Enterprise Service Management
KPMG LLP and ServiceNow surveyed 275 IT professionals at the Knowledge14 conference in San Francisco to ascertain views about an important IT transformation afoot. This survey sheds light on how IT organizations are seeing opportunity to drive enterprise efficiency by automating business services…Organizations are rapidly moving into service-oriented models. IT is at the epicenter of this transformation and is ideally situated to provide the framework for the management of enterprise services. Many IT teams have already turned to service automation to simplify their own IT requests, and now they can apply those same principles and technologies across enterprise departments…” Via KPMG & ServiceNow, Key Survey Findings

The next big front for cloud competition: Location, location, location
Now that we’re seeing intense competition in the cloud infrastructure market, each of the vendors is looking for as many ways to differentiate itself as possible. Big wallets are required to build the infrastructure and picking the right locations to deploy that capital is becoming an important choice. Cloud vendors can be innovative on a product or technical level, but location is just as important — which geographies does your cloud vendor have data centers in and why does that matter? Why is location important?…” Via David Mytton, GigaOM


Challenges for Amazon’s Cloud Computing Hopes

How worried should Amazon be about its biggest hope for the future?… “Enterprise adoption is pretty tough for the public cloud — not because of security, but because of all the agreements that have to be made throughout an organization,” said Chris Gaun, global cloud strategist at Apprenda, a company that works with public clouds, including Amazon, to help companies move their computing there. “A real sales cycle is 12 months,” he said, compared with a few minutes when a single individual is signing up for A.W.S…” Via Quentin Hardy, New York Times

Flood of Rivals Could Burst Amazon’s Cloud
Amazon has been fighting two big rivals in the world of cloud computing. But that battle shows signs of becoming a free-for-all that threatens its profitability goals for the business…The AWS disclosures add to a widening perception that rivals—and new strategies for handling corporate computing tasks—could reduce Amazon’s dominant share in a business it pioneered. “For the first time, people don’t think Amazon has the market all sewn up,” said Sinclair Schuller, chief executive of Apprenda Inc., which offers software and services to help companies modernize their computing resources…” Via Shira Ovide & Clint Boulton, Wall Street Journal

IBM Delivers Infiniband To SoftLayer Customers
As more organizations take advantage of cloud computing, there is a corresponding quest to achieve the highest possible levels of performance from the cloud. One of the bottlenecks in terms of cloud infrastructure is the speed at which the network links between servers can run. When absolute performance is needed, even a tiny delay in these links can impact upon service levels. This is where Infiniband comes in…” Via Ben Kepes, Forbes


Microsoft Azure is Growing Faster Than AWS

Quarterly financial results released this week revealed a big surprise: Microsoft’s Azure is growing at a faster clip than Amazon Web Services, at least in terms of revenue. Trying to get a grasp on the financial performance of cloud services from Microsoft and Amazon is like reading tea leaves. Neither company breaks out revenue for their cloud services. However, they both said just enough to paint an interesting picture. It sure looks like Microsoft is benefitting from its ability to help business customers build a hybrid cloud…Microsoft appears to be well-positioned to take advantage of that growth while AWS has its work cut out for it.” Via Nancy Gohring, The New Stack

AWS 2Q14 and why the sky is not falling
“…With Microsoft and Google apparently now serious about this market, AWS finally has credible competitors. Having aggressive, innovative rivals are helping to push this market forward even faster, to the detriment of most other providers in the market, as well as the IT vendors selling do-it-yourself on-premises private cloud. AWS is likely to continue to dominate this market for years, but the market direction is no longer as thoroughly in its control.” Via Lydia Leong, Gartner

Microsoft: Platform
“…A few months into his tenure, Nadella has started to build his own Microsoft, shaking the foundations and beginning a root and branch reconstruction. Rebuilding a company isn’t easy. It takes time. It requires reconstructing culture and building a shared narrative. It needs to be carried out with authority, while ensuring that employees understand the changes that are being made and where they are going…Microsoft has tipped the first domino, and change is the watchword in Redmond and its many subsidiaries…” Via Simon Bisson, CITE World


OpenStack execs: Red Hat, Yahoo, Comcast are our adopters — and contributors

OpenStack, the open source cloud computing platform for both public and private clouds, has been generating a lot of buzz in the IT world, garnering supporters ranging from AT&T, Rackspace, and the Linux Foundation to IBM, Red Hat, Oracle, and Yahoo. But it has been viewed as lacking critical capabilities in networking and usability. InfoWorld Editor-at-Large Paul Krill met up with Jonathan Bryce, executive director of the foundation, and Mark Collier, the foundation’s COO, at the recent O’Reilly Open Source Convention in Portland, Ore., to talk about where OpenStack stands and its future…” Via Paul Krill, InfoWorld

VMware counters containers with SaaSy VM disk swap
The rise and rise of Docker, plus news that Google does most everything using containers, has raised eyebrows for those who like to ponder virtualisation’s future in large-scale deployments. At issue is that while server virtualisation is universally agreed to be very powerful, very useful and tremendously useful, you still end up with a lot of operating systems to feed and groom. Which means complexity that no-one likes. Containerisation offers the chance to parcel out applications into discrete units independent of hardware – just like virtualisation – but with one underlying OS…VMware might also have been keeping an eye on containerisation for a while, if thisnewly-published patent is any guide…” Via Simon Sharwood, The Register


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