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Ryan Quackenbush

By Ryan Quackenbush

Good morning, everyone! I’m happy to report the following: It’s officially

The Emergence Of The Third Generation Enterprise Mobile Platform
Mobility is one of the most transformational trends in the modern enterprise. Smartphone and tablets have changed how employees fundamentally use their computers, which means the entire notion of enterprise productivity and software development must be rethought. Many companies are on the forefront of the changing enterprise, but as companies catch up, the target moves yet again…In order to address these challenges, we believe the enterprise mobile market is heading for a level of consolidation that will produce what we call the third generation enterprise mobile platform.” Via Jesus Rodriguez, ReadWrite


Future of Cloud Computing Survey: PaaS, SaaS Adoption on the Rise
A new survey from Gigaom Research and North Bridge Venture Partners showed more companies have adopted SaaS over the past few years. The fourth annual “Future of Cloud Computing” survey revealed SaaS adoption rose from 13 percent in 2011 to 74 percent this year. Researchers also noted 56 percent of businesses are using IaaS technologies to harness elastic computing resources, and 41 percent are leveraging PaaS tools to develop and test new applications.” Via Dan Kobialka, Talkin’ Cloud

Private cloud is here to stay: Cisco
Cisco believes as regulatory pressures to keep data in-country heightens, more businesses will look at the private cloud as the solution…Speaking to a room of media this week, Cisco development and sales president Robert Lloyd said Intercloud — which the company initially announced in March as part of its US$1 billion investment to secure its position in the cloud computing market — is an “enterprise response to the multiple uses of cloud technology that is expected to unfold in the next decade.” Via Aimee Chanthadavong, ZDNet

How the cloud reshapes smart business strategy
As the cloud becomes more sophisticated and connects more devices and technologies to big data, how do we change the business aspect? Joe Weinman, chairman of the IEEE Intercloud Testbed Executive Committee and Gigaom Research analyst, posited onstage at Structure 2014 that we don’t have to throw away old business strategy..considering the cloud, will solve the problem.“ Via Lauren Hockenson, GigaOM

Rackspace OnMetal, A Bare Metal Cloud Service Suited for CoreOS and Docker
There is a window opening in the cloud services market. It’s a window that won’t be open forever, but right now the open source community is building a network of technologies that will influence the market for some time to come. The latest example comes from Rackspace which today announced OnMetal Cloud Servers into limited availability and as an open source project.” Via Alex Williams, The New Stack

IBM SoftLayer CEO: Cloud Pricing Not Going To Zero, Enterprise Clouds Will Eventually Win
SoftLayer CEO Lance Crosby isn’t a big fan of the public cloud price war that Amazon, Google and Microsoft are waging in order to lure customers and build market share. In fact, he seems to consider cloud vendors’ preoccupation with undercutting each other’s pricing to be something of a distraction…Instead of choosing the least expensive clouds, enterprises should aim to harness the power of the cloud to build innovative products and services, according to Crosby.” Via Kevin McLaughlin, CRN

Red Hat CTO asserts OpenStack buzz is more than just hype
Open source has been at the forefront of tech chatter for a long time, but arguably buzz around the movement has reached a fever pitch this year in the enterprise IT world. OpenStack, a global collaborative effort to deliver open source cloud computing software, is certainly at the heart of all this, pushed prominently by Red Hat. Speaking at Gigaom Structure 2014 in San Francisco on Thursday, Red Hat CTO Brian Stevens cited that the open source software firm has upwards of 100,000 customers.” Via Rachel King, ZDNet

Cloud soothsayer predicts OpenStack fragmentation, Azure catchup in public cloud
Adrian Cockcroft, technical fellow at Battery Ventures and noted cloud expert from his days at Netflix, has traveled the world and come back with some predictions of cloud trends. When Adrian Cockcroft talks cloud, people listen. Or they should. He’s the former cloud guru at Netflix and drove that company’s use of AWS. Since he left Netflix in January to join Battery Ventures as technology fellow he’s been traveling the world, talking to IT buyers about their tech plans. (Here are a few of his predictions)” Via Barb Darrow, GigaOM

As Software Enriches The Brand, Companies Need Help
In the age of the customer, companies need to drive a new business agenda around customer engagement- and to achieve that level of engagement, software becomes critical. Software has become a strategic asset which sits at t he intersection between companies and their customers and has become vital in enriching companies’ brands.” Via Charles Green, Forrester

What if customers evaluated your company’s ideas?
At the 2014 HYPE Innovation Managers Forum in Bonn, I hosted a roundtable that looked at Involving Customers in the Innovation Process. There were over a dozen different corporations represented in the discussion… As the roundtable went along, many good points were made on those fronts. And then, an idea out of left field was proposed… Why not have customers review ideas? Which proceeded to run havoc with my nice, prepared framework of where customers can be involved.” Via Hutch Carpenter, Cloud Ave

What’s up with Google and Microsoft clouds? Hear from the execs in charge
If you’re a public cloud watcher, you’ve got your eyes on Google and Microsoft, the two companies that have the resources and wherewithal to mount a serious challenge to Amazon Web Services. So it’s good to hear what Urs Hölzle, Google senior vice president  and Scott Guthrie, Microsoft senior vice president of cloud and enterprise for Microsoft have to say about how things are going and what the cloud landscape is like.” Via The Structure Show

Standing Desks: What I’ve Learned
I’ve been using a standing desk for about a year now, and I’ve learned some things about it, and about myself. I started using a standing desk because my knee was bugging me, and sitting made it worse, and because of the general “sitting is the new bubonic plague” kind of articles I’d been reading. I tried sitting on an exercise ball a couple of times and felt ridiculous, like I was getting punished for goofing off in gym class. So I set up my keyboard and monitor on a standing desk. It’s really just a dresser in my home office, but by chance it is exactly the correct height for me. I kept my standard, sitting desk. Here’s what I’ve learned…” Via Chris Murphy, InformationWeek

Have yourselves a spectacular weekend! You can find yesterday’s Marketwatch here.

Ryan Quackenbush
Ryan Quackenbush

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