Kubernetes Sees Unbelievable Job Growth in 2016

By Atos Apprenda Support

Kubernetes Ship

The velocity of Kubernetes job postings has skyrocketed in the past few months. Using job aggregation site Indeed, Apprenda Senior Director Joseph Jacks recently found that the number of jobs has gone gangbusters in June, as you can see in the chart below. More impressive is that job postings are typically a lagging indicator of growth. First, current employees take on new projects like Kubernetes, and job postings come after that route has been exhausted and strategies more formalized.

k8s job growth

In order to better gauge community growth, we plan to start tracking the job postings for Kubernetes trending in our monthly community infographic. We predict job postings will only grow because many of the tech giants who collectively employ hundreds of thousands of people (IBM, Cisco, HPE, Oracle, etc.) have yet to release productized versions or services based on Kubernetes.

While the growth in jobs is yet another indicator of Kubernetes momentum, the job market is extremely tight with more open positions than people with the proper skills. The community and vendors need to put more effort into training and certificate programs to make sure customers can fill roles.

While the job market is tight, the good news is that more professionals list Kubernetes in their profile than any other comparable container orchestration or cloud-native framework. After two years, Kubernetes skills are a projectile compared to the much older Mesos and Cloud Foundry and the newer Docker Swarm. Again, this happened without mega-employers releasing a product, which eventually results in hundreds of their sales people listing the solution in their profiles. Here are the latest numbers:

Solution Number of LinkedIn Professionals
Kubernetes 5,727
Mesos 514
Cloud Foundry 4,976

Check out our full Kubernetes community infographic for August 2016 below.



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Atos Apprenda Support