Introducing: Support for Windows Services

By Atos Apprenda Support

One thing we have learned from our customers is that, moving forward, they not only want a PaaS strategy to cut operating costs and help speed up new development, they also want a solution they can leverage for legacy applications.

Legacy applications may use traditional Windows Services as daemon worker processes.  A good example would be a Windows Service that operates on a schedule to generate reports, or collects data from an external source.  If your PaaS does not have support for Windows Services, you have to weigh the costs of a few different approaches. Changing the architecture of the application to no longer require them, converting the Windows Services to something more consumable by the platform, or even attempting to manage them outside the scope of the platform: why can’t the PaaS platform manage it all for you?

We are pleased to announce that with our 4.0.1 release, the Apprenda platform is now capable of helping you manage the lifecycle and deployment of Windows Services. You can now easily include them as part of your application, and the Apprenda platform will handle deployments for you. Additionally an API has been provided to allow consumers of these Windows Services to dynamically locate where they are actually deployed at runtime.


For developers who would like more information on Windows Services support, click here.

For platform admins who would like more information on configuring the Apprenda platform’s Windows Services support, click here.

Atos Apprenda Support