Hackathon 2014 Part 1

By Atos Apprenda Support

It’s 2014 and our first hackathon is underway!

For those unfamiliar, check here for a quick look back…we’re pretty familiar with these, here. When your team wants to streamline innovation, this is a great way to go about it.

hack1Following the release of Apprenda 5.0, widely regarded as our most ambitious release to date, the dev/test team took a rest long enough to catch their breath…and now they’ve dived back in. The only noise I hear is some crunching from a pile of potato chips nearby, and muffled music from a set of headphones across the office.

hackcoonThis morning, after a quick stand-up and meeting among our team members, a few volunteers went out to round up supplies. Take-out, bags of chips, breakfast items, various snacks: you know, stuff to fuel the fire. After all, if you’re going to burn through the tasks for 48 hours straight- well, you can’t just run on fumes. Not to mention, our resident brew-master has provided us some delicious Belgian Golden Ale to wash it all down with.

More information will be coming over the next 48 hours- but awesome results are on their way!



Atos Apprenda Support