Class is in Session: Will You PaaS or Fail?

By Atos Apprenda Support

Tomorrow I’ll (@mattammerman) be kicking off Apprenda’s PaaS or Fail Webinar Series, along with Product Manager Dan Turkenkopf (@dturkenk). We’ll be starting the series with “PaaS or Fail: Preparing For Your Changing Role In Software Development and Delivery”. In this webinar, which we’ve geared specifically toward software developers, I’ll be discussing what a Platform-as-a-Service is, why Fortune 500 companies are choosing them, and how PaaS technology positively affects the enterprise software developer.

Dan and I will then be cracking open Visual Studio to take you through developing and deploying applications to run on a PaaS. We’ll also dive into managing, scaling, and patching those applications. We’re committed to making this webinar series as educational as possible, so don’t anticipate heavy product pitches. We want our viewers to come out of this webinar ready and able to tackle a PaaS deployment in their own enterprise, and perhaps be prepared to champion this technology within their organization.

The webinar is taking place at 12:00PM EDT tomorrow, 3/20, and should last for about an hour. If you can spare the time and are ready to learn, please join us by registering here!

To see more of our upcoming webinars, including the PaaS or Fail series, check out our webinars page.

Atos Apprenda Support