Apprenda Wins Best Places To Work

By Atos Apprenda Support

A local newspaper I grew up reading has named Apprenda one of the Top Places to Work in our Capital Region. As proud as this news makes me to be a part of what’s going on here, I can’t say I’m surprised in the slightest. Nor is anyone else that works here, for that matter.

Apprenda is a workplace I’m only just starting to get used to, the type that you’re excited to go to in the morning, and stay late at a few times a week because you’re having fun and lost track of time.

Out of college, I had an eye on the world yet lacked an understanding on how it worked. I spent a couple of years travelling and broadening my horizons. I was starry eyed, driven and looking to prove myself. TWP_Albany_Portrait_2013_AW

Opportunity came when, one day not long ago, I was emailed an article in Inc. magazine. It stressed that Apprenda was more interested in hiring someone who desires to learn, versus that of hiring based solely on a resume, the exact reason I’d been turned down before.

Then the Director of Corporate Communications, who much like the rest the executive staff has a passion to train people, contacted me. Shortly thereafter I was hired. The interview itself was an experience, and similar to the company in that it was unlike anything I’d ever experienced before. Fodder for a later post, perhaps.

All Leadership Is Intentional Influence

Apprenda puts heavy emphasis on interviewing and recruiting a quality individual who is a match to the culture that’s been consistently maintained in our organization. After all, the wrong personality can spoil what is, otherwise, a worthwhile experience. Our VP of Engineering said it best: “someone who is not a correct fit for the team will have huge effects on morale and, as a result, product quality.”

I can see the pride in the way everyone carries himself or herself here, the passion when they talk about our product and industry and the drive to succeed in the way they operate, almost second-naturedly, as a team. It’s the kind of thing that makes you want to do the best job you can, because it makes you eager to contribute.

Our executives, like the newspapers and bloggers that recognize them for what they’re accomplishing, additionally do something I never experienced while in the service industry: recognize me on a job well done and genuinely mean it.

I read an article recently describing an individual’s need to have influence when making his or her transformation into a leader. I understand this greatly, in surprising ways, now that I’ve had a chance to witness it over the past few formative, worthwhile and appreciated months. I’ve been receiving a front-row seat to what having actual leadership is like, and the way it affects everyone around it.

I see it in how needed time off because you or your child is sick isn’t even a question, since our vacation policy is open-ended and not abused. Also, don’t worry about your medical costs; our plan covers that (anyone with my background knows the panic felt when a trip to the ER happens, and a bill is on its way and you are unable to work for any period of time). It’s in the way our CEO and higher-ups are so easily accessible and accountable, and have as strong as a desire to see you succeed in what you do and who you become as they do in seeing Apprenda’s private PaaS reach its full potential.

Our weekly-catered lunches are much appreciated too, but if our CEO didn’t make it a personal mission to ensure that everyone was engaged and our recruiting process didn’t emphasize a worthwhile culture, lunch would most certainly be a solitary, silent engagement. It wouldn’t be the round-table that finds us digesting jokes as much as the different foods we enjoy each Friday. I look forward to that.

Maybe my sense of pride is somewhat overblown, as my bereavement of job satisfaction and sense of direction was as overgrown as it was, for as long as it was, but in all honesty the pleasure I get from having co-workers value the skills I bring to the table has me lacking in adjectives. I want this feeling for everyone, especially those who didn’t think it could exist for them. In all truth-if it can happen to me, it can happen to anyone who’s willing to dive in and work hard.

This is a view into why I’m proud, but not surprised, to find the notoriety we’ve achieved at being named one of the Top Workplaces in the Capital Region. It’s because of the reasons I discussed, and many more, that I and everyone here at Apprenda continue to work hard every day ensuring it remains so. Because I see, and am excited by, the potential our company operates with, and because it saw the same within me. Join us.



Atos Apprenda Support