Apprenda Is Now Available in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace

By Atos Apprenda Support


For years, private Platform as a Service (PaaS) has offered enterprises the opportunity to make enterprise software developers more productive and cut down on development costs. Apprenda has been at the forefront of this movement and it continues to build the most powerful and versatile private PaaS on the market.

Our latest release, Apprenda 5.5, substantially increased Java support and added Azure Pack integration. Together with our OneCloud Alliance partners, we have created an ecosystem that is moving the software-defined enterprise forward.

One of our largest OneCloud Alliance partners is Microsoft and earlier this year we announced a joint offering with them to provide a turnkey hybrid cloud experience for any enterprise. Since then, Microsoft has continued to grow its market share with Azure and build out many new capabilities.

Furthering our partnership with Microsoft, today we’re announcing Apprenda’s availability on the Azure Marketplace as one of its first Azure Certified offerings. With just a few clicks, developers and IT administrators can easily deploy an Azure Certified Apprenda 5.5 image and begin to rapidly build, deploy, and manage a scalable private PaaS environment in Azure. This addresses the increasing demand for hybrid cloud options and the realization that customers are demanding innovation in modern application delivery. Apprenda and Azure deliver the promise of bottomless application capacity by harnessing the power of public IaaS.Microsoft_Azure_Certified_RGB

“Apprenda’s availability on the Azure Marketplace makes it the most accessible private PaaS in existence,” Apprenda CEO Sinclair Schuller said. “Apprenda and Azure will provide a one-two punch that will help push the enterprise PaaS landscape forward.”

Microsoft has also given us a big thumbs up as we try to help the world’s largest companies innovate in new ways.

“Apprenda is pivotal for enterprise cloud transformations,” said Garth Fort, General Manager of Enterprise Partners, Microsoft. “As cloud scenarios become more complex, companies like Apprenda are harnessing the power of the public cloud to help any business become a software company by transforming their data center into a policy-driven application delivery platform.”

Apprenda 5.5 is available immediately in the Azure Marketplace. Want to find out more about how Apprenda on Azure can help your organization? Visit our official Apprenda in Azure page.

Atos Apprenda Support