Apprenda Brings NetApp Storage Solutions to Enterprise PaaS

By Atos Apprenda Support

Apprenda NetApp Integration
During the past few weeks, I’ve been working on a new set of integrations for Apprenda. We know how incredibly important storage is to enterprise developers, so it made a lot of sense to focus on the intersection between Platform as a Service (PaaS) and storage solutions from NetApp, one of the largest providers of on-premise storage in the world.

Enterprises rely on solutions from Apprenda, so we’re always looking for new ways to help enterprise developers, no matter how large or complex their environment. These new NetApp-focused solutions help boost the performance and capacity of production applications, making storage ubiquitous across multiple regions and public, private, and hybrid clouds.

These integrations bring the capability for developers (like myself) to self-provision file storage for applications, which is often a requirement at large enterprises. And it vastly improves time-to-market for developers requiring storage of their applications: old-school methods are cumbersome and slow.


Some integrated solutions

• Clustered Data ONTAP: This provides a clear path to private, public, and hybrid cloud. In a single, feature-rich platform, clustered Data ONTAP allows customers to scale and manage their storage infrastructure non-disruptively and without increasing IT staff.

• OnCommand Workflow Automation (WFA): This exposes WFA workflows in Apprenda for an integrated developer experience and embeds WFA workflows into Apprenda automation capabilities. The idea here is that enterprise organizations, which have already invested in Workflow Automation, can leverage that purchase with Apprenda. The platform can utilize existing workflows contained within WFA.

• SnapMirror and FlexClone: Integrated into Data ONTAP, SnapMirror provides fast, efficient data replication and disaster recovery for critical data within applications, in both virtual and traditional environments, as well as cloud configurations. FlexClone compliments SnapMirror to create instantaneous, space-efficient copies of replicated data to perform DR testing, business intelligence, and development and test.


Joint Webinar

For more information and a better vision of how Apprenda and NetApp work together, watch our joint webinar “Accelerating Application Time to Market with a Turnkey Hybrid IT Platform.”

Through real-world examples and a comprehensive demo, learn how enterprises are transforming their data centers by eliminating traditional barriers between developers and IT. Watch now!


Atos Apprenda Support