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IT under pressure: McKinsey Global Survey results
Recognition of IT’s strategic importance is growing, but so is dissatisfaction with its effectiveness, according to this eighth annual survey on business and technology strategy…Among the most substantial challenges are demonstrating effective leadership and finding, developing, and retaining IT talent… Beyond these IT-specific challenges, executives identify some other areas for improvement on the business side.” Via Naufal Khan (@naufalkhan) & Johnson Sikes (@sjsikes), McKinsey & Company

It’s here: Docker 1.0 ready to conquer the enterprise
Docker is releasing the first officially supported version of the open source containerization technology, in an effort to graduate to serving traditional enterprises in addition to its current status as favorite among the startup crowd… Docker started out life as DotCloud, offering a platform-as-a-service. But it soon morphed into a different company altogether with a strong focus on the Docker technology…The company is also launching the Docker Hub Registry.” Via Nancy Gohring (@ngohring), CITE World

From Cost Center to Profit Center: Software Is Bringing Sexy Back
Every day, more non-software businesses are making software the backbone of their business, adding to their revenue streams in a diversified, high-margin way and becoming software-defined enterprises…Enterprises must think beyond today’s products and services and focus on new, forward-thinking revenue generators to realize the benefits of a software-defined approach. Companies must make the innovation jump or risk being taken out by competitors that are already doing so, leaving them with two choices: Either disrupt yourself or be disrupted by someone else.” Via Sinclair Schuller (@SSchuller), WIRED

HP Links SDN, OpenStack In New Application
HP today announced a new SDN application, Virtual Cloud Networking (VCN), that integrates with Helion, HP’s own distribution of OpenStack. HP also announced a new switch line, the FlexFabric 7900, and a new service offering to help organizations transition to software-defined networking… HP may be ahead of its enterprise customers with this integration of SDN and OpenStack. While there’s much discussion around OpenStack as a cloud orchestration tool, it has yet to make much of an impact outside of cloud providers and the largest Web companies.” Via Andrew Conry Murray, InformationWeek

Mirantis to offer on-demand OpenStack private cloud
In a bid to speed enterprise adoption, Mirantis OpenStack Express claims to offer private cloud as a service that’s easy to deploy and consume. If it works as advertised it would be a big deal for companies interested in running OpenStack but put off by the difficulty in deploying it themselves or the expense of hiring someone else to deploy it for them.Via Barb Darrow (@GigaBarb), GigaOM

Honeywell Challenges Google’s Nest With A New Smart Thermostat That Responds To Your Phone’s Location
Home appliance maker Honeywell announced Tuesday its answer to the Nest Learning Thermostat. Honeywell’s Lyric thermostat is designed to adjust your home’s temperature based on your smartphone’s location. So, for example, if you’re in your bedroom, the Lyric would be able to change the temperature in that room to fit your preferences while cutting back on other areas of the home…The announcement comes just as major consumer tech companies such as Apple and Google are placing more emphasis on connected home features.” Via Lisa Eadicicco (@LisaEadicicco), Business Insider

Whither IBM?
IBM has been all over the media the past few weeks–both pitching its story and fielding brickbats and accolades for its prospects and position in the market. The company has been stagnant, at best, in revenue and market share in recent years, while adjusting its product mix and aggressively improving its profitability. But where does IBM stand as a continuing partner to the enterprise, as a provider of hardware, software, and/or services? Just how relevant is the firm in the evolving environment of cloud, big data, and mobile?Via Laura Stuart, GigaOM Research

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