Apprenda and IBM UrbanCode Deploy Enable Continuous Delivery in the Enterprise

By Atos Apprenda Support

Apprenda And UrbanCode

Today we are happy to announce a new integration with IBM’s UrbanCode continuous delivery products that will help our mutual customers standardize and simplify orchestration of application component deployments across multiple clouds.

Organizations have billions in IT investments and long-term infrastructure strategies, but they are also looking to rapidly build IoT, next-generation front ends, and new consumer-facing apps. They want to leverage public cloud services such as IBM BlueMix and next-generation tools like Docker, Kubernetes, or Apache Mesos that were purposely built for cloud-native initiatives. To quickly drive into this new mode of IT (Mode 2) organizations need to modernize the bedrock of existing services and applications. Apprenda, UrbanCode, and public cloud bridge the chasm in the digital transformation.

Apprenda’s UrbanCode integration allows multiple siloed development teams across the organization to coordinate deployments to these multiple cloud environments.

Imagine you have two development teams. One using a Python Flask front end with Watson Dialog services. They are leveraging the scale of BlueMix’s container or public Cloud Foundry options. That development team is using BlueMix’s CLI and APIs. However, another development team owns the backend system of record. Maybe the backend team uses a .NET service connected to a SQL Database or full profile WebSphere connected to DB2. The backend development team provides a REST API to many applications, including the BlueMix component that need access to sensitive customer data.

UrbanCode provides the cloud platform abstraction and policy based coordination that allows these teams to work together.

First UrbanCode will deploy the front-end Flask component to BlueMix from IBM’s Enterprise GitHub and stand up Watson Dialog service. Second, UrbanCode deploys the system of record components to Apprenda and connects them to BlueMix through a token switching mechanism. If development teams are doing this manually, there are different APIs, configurations, and other frictions. UrbanCode completely streamlines the deployment to two different cloud platforms.


The integration, an Automation Plugin, introduces several build steps that provide administrators with the ability to automate deployments of their applications onto the Apprenda platform, including:

  • Pre-Deployment Configuration: Analyzes packages and injects contextual information about other components running on other platforms
  • Smart Version Control: Creates new versions on demand, without manual interjection
  • Hybrid Deployments: Run one component in another platform, tie it back to another component on Apprenda

For further reading, head on over to our Github page or our Integrations page to learn about additional offerings. You can also get in touch with us at our contact page for anything else.

Atos Apprenda Support