Apprenda announces TRANSFORM: Enterprise PaaS Summit

By Atos Apprenda Support



Apprenda is excited to announce TRANSFORM, taking place June 12 in Boston. Invitations are out and sign-ups are rolling in. This is a unique professional development event, geared toward IT executives and developers with content specifically designed to enhance their understanding of enterprise grade Platform-as-a-Service – both business benefits and skill sets for developers.

Enterprise PaaS is more than just deploying apps. It’s a next generation platform that will revolutionize how we build cloud applications, scale applications and manage our IT investments. When you look at comprehensive platforms like Apprenda, you see immediate developer productivity, increased innovation and millions of dollars in savings. But our focus at TRANSFORM isn’t on Apprenda, it’s on the future of your role in this next gen enterprise.

We’ve partnered with Cloud Technology Partners to bring a half-day program with topics that no other conference has offered. These are the topics critical to the future of IT and next gen apps.

Speakers will present on PaaS business benefits and new developer skill sets at a level that most conferences have barely touched. We are bringing together early adopters of enterprise PaaS, cloud visionaries like David Linthicum and a host of other cloud influencers.

The event is free and comes with great food, fun and packed with your peers and colleagues looking at the same strategies for architecting enterprise cloud.

Sign-ups are here:


Atos Apprenda Support