Deliver Innovative Applications at the Speed of Business with Apprenda and New Relic

By Atos Apprenda Support

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In today’s fast-moving world, time has become the most critical resource for individuals as well as for enterprises. Until we finally invent a time machine, our only option is to use it wisely. This is why our biggest focus area at Apprenda is to help organizations increase productivity and utilize their saved time to innovate.

To that end, we offer up our integration with New Relic’s SaaS-based Application Performance Management and Monitoring (APM) tool. While Apprenda’s PaaS enables organizations to standup their existing and new applications on a hybrid cloud in matter of minutes, New Relic’s SaaS-based APM helps organizations monitor their application portfolio and quickly diagnose any performance bottlenecks. Together, our joint solution can help you build applications at the speed of business while delivering a superior experience for your end users.

In fact, we at Apprenda initially used New Relic for our internal development purposes. We loved it so much that we built an integration to enable our customers to reap the benefits of New Relic, too.

New Relic is a great tool for debugging and monitoring application performance,” Abraham Sultan, Apprenda’s VP of Engineering, said. “It saved us a huge amount of time, enhanced our customer experience, and improved our productivity. We thought, ‘Why not offer the same functionality to Apprenda customers?’”

With our joint solution, you empower developers by giving them total visibility and control over their applications while adhering to standards laid out by IT. By leveraging the power of Apprenda’s bootstrap policies and our integration with New Relic, developers can easily gather data on all parts of the application and make smart decisions based on this data. From code level transaction times to time spent on database calls, developers can measure performance of every aspect of an application. This allows them to save time in identifying performance issues, and use the time saved for further innovation. Moreover, developers can monitor real-time application usage metrics, such as page load times, and then use Apprenda’s self-service portal to further fine tune the customer experience.

Most importantly, with Apprenda and New Relic, developers can effortlessly maintain the SLA of their applications by leveraging capabilities like automated alerts, auto-scaling, and high-availability. All of this and more out of box, without any plumbing effort.

If this sounds up your alley, you should join Apprenda and New Relic on January 19 at 2pm ET for a webinar with a live demo. You’ll be able to explore:

• How can you have your apps up and running in minutes while delivering an enhanced customer experience?
• How can you monitor the health of your entire app portfolio without any integration effort?
• How can you cloud enable existing or new apps and manage their performance with ease?
• How can you gain valuable insights into the usage of your applications, diagnose bottlenecks and take corrective actions with few clicks?
• How can you receive proactive alerts when an application is falling behind its SLA?
• And much more!

Questions? Get in touch with us today and we will chat about anything we can do to help you get ahead.

Atos Apprenda Support