Apprenda 4.5 Delivers Any Enterprise System “as-a-Service” and Unveils a Sleek User Experience for Developers

By Atos Apprenda Support

Our 4.5 release is out today, thanks to our amazing engineering and testing team for quickly bringing new features to the platform at the requests of our customers.

And if you’re reading our blog right now, you will notice that got a whole new look today as well.  The new website, much like Apprenda 4.5, is deeply rooted in customer proof points and feedback on what it takes for a PaaS to be considered “proven” or more importantly, enterprise-grade.

As we’ve mentioned before, Apprenda is the most mature PaaS platform, and it offers enterprises more than just deploying simple application workloads. The Global 2000 use Apprenda to scale massive application portfolios and realize benefits beyond just deploying an app.

Apprenda 4.5 today unveils a next generation PaaS user experience for its developers and an extensive library of add-on capabilities giving partners and customers a way to integrate enterprise application systems “as a service.”

The add-on system enables the Global 2000 to integrate with their existing internal systems, which are often custom designed and industry specific. Developers can access the service catalog to provision and incorporate these services into applications running on the Apprenda platform.

We are always striving to get our enterprise developers the tools they need to succeed. Apprenda’s updated user experience offers a more seamless way to applications, integrate with all existing IT investments and provides an improved self-service approach to developers who launch new applications over the Apprenda platform, removing the friction between developers and IT through single-click application deployment.

As our release mentions today, Apprenda 4.5 release has capitalized on customer requesting new APIs and automated SLA enforcements for applications, amongst other features detailed below:

  • Improved REST API for Apprenda Developer Portal  – in addition to SOAP and Apprenda’s Command Shell (ACS), the platform now offers an improved REST API enabling additional enterprise and partner integration options.
  • Updated Developer Portal UX – Apprenda has unveiled a new UX for the developer portal. The sleeker, more responsive experience helps developers find and accomplish tasks faster.
  • Automated SLA Enforcement for Applications – Apprenda now enables developers and platform operators to specify ‘minimum instance counts’ for their application components. The platform automatically monitors and scales applications to help ensure customers stay compliant with enterprise SLAs.

Take a look at the new Apprenda platform and we hope you journey through our new website today – check out what customers runs Apprenda, how many different use cases there are for PaaS, and what models you can consider when bringing on such a comprehensive platform.

Atos Apprenda Support