Benefits for Developers

  • Using Apprenda as our private PaaS was the best way to get to market on schedule and was the only PaaS we found that truly made us more productive.

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Build Better Cloud Apps Faster with Private PaaS

As a developer, your job probably isn’t getting any easier.  Almost every enterprise is building a greater competency in custom application development, and that means you’re likely under pressure to get more applications out the door faster.  Drive innovation, solve business challenges, and make your customers happy – that’s your charter as an enterprise software developer. 

Beyond being pushed to build more applications faster, the way your end users are consuming software is changing.  That means that the way you build applications is changing as well. Whether they be mobile, web-scale, distributed, or multi-tenant, developing modern cloud application architectures is hard work.  It’s even harder with years of IT baggage, red tape, and painful protocol holding you back from getting your job done.

Apprenda exists to make your job easier – so you can keep solving problems and creating solutions that ultimately make all of our lives better.

Moving I.T. Forward

  • Leverage shared application services and build better cloud applications faster, while automatically conforming to standards and policies defined by IT
  • Get the agility and productivity benefits of public PaaS, but with security and performance SLAs you require – and with the blessing of central IT
  • Optimize existing applications through powerful APIs and inherited cloud architecture
  • Save time by simplifying the entire application lifecycle management process
  • Code and update apps, then deploy and provision end-user access in minutes - without assistance from IT
  • Focus on building great software solutions with your existing skills, tools, and IDEs, while benefiting from inherited cloud architectures
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The Old Way

  • Zero incentive to work from architecture standards, therefore no architecture standards exist
  • Writing new applications takes more time than it should due to a lack of common application components and services
  • Too many IT regulations and red tape have created an oppressive development environment
  • Configuration delays cause application deployment and patching to be a long drawn out process
  • You need the IT organization to be more application-friendly rather than infrastructure-centric
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Learn how Apprenda can help you stay native, reduce development complexity, and build better cloud applications faster.

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