Good morning, and happy Halloween!   Why PaaS growth is disproportional to other sectors. “There is a lot of speculation about the growth of PaaS, mostly about how it aligns with the other broad sections of the cloud computing space, namely IaaS and SaaS. The numbers are all over the place. However, based upon our […]

Learn About the Significant Benefits of Private PaaS and the Hybrid Cloud Era

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Good morning and good day!   How to grow the tech sector in New York “New York has become a hub for technology and startup media companies, but there is still progress to be made on the part of government and businesses to ensure that it remains a leader in those fields. That was a […]

Good morning, everyone!   EMC Frantically Pivots To The Cloud “EMC announced some big changes today including the purchase of three cloud companies, a new hybrid cloud product and a reorganization designed to emphasize the cloud. …the acquisitions, which include Spanning, Maginatics and the previously announced CloudScaling purchase. …It’s all about bridging the gap between […]

Good morning, everyone!   NetApp’s hybrid cloud is all about storage, not compute “Since at least last year, NetApp has been making noise about creating its own hybrid cloud infrastructure, but questions swirled as to what form it would take. NetApp has now unveiled it’s plan, NetApp Data Fabric for the Hybrid Cloud — not […]

For years, private Platform as a Service (PaaS) has offered enterprises the opportunity to make enterprise software developers more productive and cut down on development costs. Apprenda has been at the forefront of this movement and it continues to build the most powerful and versatile private PaaS on the market. Our latest release, Apprenda 5.5, […]

It”s a beautiful Monday, today- is that contradictory? Not in this case.   The Tech Industry Has Reached The Moment Of Truth “…Apple surprised analysts by revealing excellent quarterly results. It was almost alone among the big technology firms in doing so. Most others reporting in recent weeks seem to be in something of a […]

Good morning everyone! Do you know what day it is?   Amazon Is Getting Smoked “Amazon is down 9.9% in pre-market trading. It reported disappointing earnings last night, whiffing on revenue and EPS expectations. It provided weaker revenue guidance than expected. It also forecasted a big loss for the holiday quarter. …Basically, there was very […]

The News? Yeah, we’ve got you covered.   Amazon Gets More Enterprise-Friendly With Launch Of AWS Directory Service “Amazon has been moving into the enterprise world with the launch of corporate I.T.-friendly Fire HD and HDX tablets, its own secure storage service Zocalo, its virtual desktop computing platform WorkSpaces, and not to mention the cloud […]

It’s about that time, again. Let’s make with some headlines.   Coming of Age in Cloud Computing “Cloud computing isn’t merely changing the way much of the technology business works. Now it is changing itself, and putting even more computing power in more places. On Monday, Microsoft, which operates one of the biggest so-called “public […]

Good morning, everyone!   For Microsoft, Cloud Business Looks More Promising Than Mobile “One way to judge Microsoft’s effectiveness in responding to new industry-shaking challenges is to look at mobile platforms. After several years of trying to catch up to Apple and Google with its Windows Phone operating system, Microsoft has almost nothing to show […]