Good morning! Let’s get into it.   Growing AWS ecosystem takes aim at the enterprise “All cloud service providers need an ecosystem of integrators, consultants and partners. That ecosystem is a vital part of their product and service maturity. And Amazon Web Services’ rich ecosystem is one of its major strengths. … The availability of […]

Learn About the Significant Benefits of Private PaaS and the Hybrid Cloud Era

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Good morning! Let’s make with the headlines:   Why The Cloud Isn’t Going Anywhere “…According to IDC, public cloud service alone will hit $107 billion in 2017. That’s because, despite all the concerns, the cloud makes sense from the perspective of economics, technology and culture. From a technology standpoint, the cloud is easy to use, […]

Good morning to everyone!   Gartner’s cloud showdown: Amazon Web Services vs. Microsoft Azure “Gartner IaaS Research Director Kyle Hilgendorf says one of the most common questions he gets from enterprise customers looking to go to the cloud is: AWS or Azure? AWS has been anointed the public IaaS cloud leader by Gartner and many […]

Good morning, to all the wonderful people out there.   Cloud computing’s not-so-secret mission “There is no denying that the cloud and cloud computing have changed the way many of us are doing business. You only had to attend last week’s sold out AWS re:Invent conference in Las Vegas to see the cloud out in […]

Inspired by Martin Fowler’s writings on application architectures and poor application development practices, a group of Heroku developers wrote a template for developing modern web apps called “The Twelve-Factor App.” This methodology suggests 12 best practices that modern apps should follow during development to make them easy to design and run as “as a service.” […]

It’s a great morning! See for yourself:   Microsoft: ‘Nobody loves developers more than us’ “Last week, Microsoft made huge waves when it announced that its long-proprietary .Net application framework was now available as open source, completely rocking the Redmond, Wash., giant’s cross-platform strategy and public image, all in one fell swoop. It’s the latest, […]

Good morning one and all!   Cloud computing makes for some strange bedfellows “Last week there was so much going on at AWS Re:invent, I missed a lot – even some eyebrow-raising stuff. Like for instance, that OpenStack-oriented Rackspace will now support and sell Microsoft Azure services. Second, Microsoft-oriented Apprenda private PaaS will now run […]

We were happy to welcome many new faces to Apprenda’s headquarters in Troy on Wednesday for our first ever “Mix & Mingle” event. Some came for the veggies and dip, while others came to see the offices of one of Troy’s fastest growing startups. Some came for the ping pong and foosball. The crowd was […]

The world is rapidly being reshaped by software. It’s changing everything: how we work, how we monitor our health, how we spend time with our families, and more. Over time, quality of life around the world will continue to increase as a result of today’s unsung heroes: software developers. With more developers writing apps, we’ll […]

We’ve just launched the public availability of a single-node installation of Apprenda in Amazon Web Services (AWS) using our pre-configured Amazon Machine Image, which is yet another example of our commitment to interoperability and accessibility. The tutorial that follows walks you through how you can get Apprenda 5.5 up and running immediately in AWS today. […]