Good morning everyone!   Financial firms pause private cloud plans to mull public cloud “In the summer of 2013 Constellation Research analyst Holger Mueller hosted an event where IT leaders from about 30 financial institutions met in New York to have an off-the-record, behind-closed-doors discussion about their latest technology endeavors. At that time, each of […]

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Good morning!   PaaS Can Light Up the World “…Overcoming darkness is a basic instinct of humans, reflected in a variety of ancient traditions, festivals, and holidays. … Overcoming the darkness of human poverty and violence thus seems a worthy topic this time of year, as much of the world enters a contemplative time devoted […]

Good morning, one and all.   The world’s largest open-source company doesn’t sell software “Red Hat is finally getting some competition. With Hortonworks going public at a $1 billion valuation, the title of “world’s biggest open-source company” may finally be in contention. Except that neither Red Hat nor Hortonworks is in serious contention. Years ago, […]

Download an enterprise PaaS RFP template synthesized from multiple Fortune 1000 companies.   Being the CEO of Apprenda has been a wild ride over the years and the job is exciting as ever. Apprenda has pushed the vision of enterprise Platform as a Service (PaaS) before it was even a term. As a result, we’ve seen […]

Good morning, everyone!   Peering into the future of software development “Now is the best time ever to be a software developer – in terms of employment, organizational impact, and the amazing breadth of tools and platforms available. The future seems even brighter: Over time, I’m betting software development will become the No. 1 technology […]

Good morning, everyone!   Top 5 Enterprise Applications Trends Of 2014 “In real estate, it’s location, location, location. In enterprise applications, like CRM, human resources apps, marketing automation, and even ERP, it’s now cloud, cloud, cloud. …Here, then, is a closer look at the enterprise application trends and headlines that grabbed our attention in 2014. […]

Good morning!   McKesson launches new venture fund for health care startups “Health-services giant McKesson said today that it’s starting a new venture capital fund — McKesson Ventures — that will invest in early-stage and growth-stage companies addressing business challenges in the health care industry. Tom Rodgers runs the fund. He was recruited for the […]

Good morning, everyone!   Welcome to the next wave of enterprise computing “The way we deliver enterprise solutions changes every decade or so. Sometimes the changes are small; sometimes they’re earthshaking. We’re in the middle of one of those seismic shifts, with tectonic plates moving from on-premises to the cloud, from desktop to mobile, from […]

Good morning, everyone!   Optimize SDN by performing these tests on the PaaS “PaaS developers work together locally and remotely on developing and testing information systems on different parts of a development system life cycle. If the proprietary network is operating normally, no worries — the developers continue their work uninterrupted. If the proprietary network […]

Good morning!   Lies, Damn Lies And The Myth Of Following The Data “We are told to follow the data and the truth will be revealed, but data tells many tales and it depends on the data and how you interpret it. … It’s a huge conundrum in the age of big data. How do […]