Good morning! Do you know what day it is??     Health IT Early Mover Advantage Examined “Although few healthcare organizations view first-adopter status as a business advantage, those that more quickly implement new technologies do reap valuable returns on these investments, a new study suggests. Consumer behavior and expectations are the primary factors driving […]

Good morning one and all! And now for the news…   Top 8 Reasons Why Enterprises Are Passing On PaaS “The number one benefit of cloud computing is agility. The value of bringing new features or products to market far outweigh the other benefits such as cost reduction. PaaS takes agility to another level by […]

Good morning, everyone! Let’s get you up to date!   5 Free Hosting Solutions for Small Apps & Projects “Finding inexpensive hosting solutions for your small projects and applications can be both very hard, and very easy. If you’re a developer, and don’t yet know of all the developer-friendly hosting platforms out there, it is […]

Good morning everyone. So much news today it was hard to fit it on one page!   Cloudbees, the Java PaaS Company, Dumps Its PaaS Business “Cloudbees, a company formed by JBoss veterans to build and promote a Java-focused PaaS, is getting out of the PaaS business. It is instead refocusing completely on Jenkins, the […]

Good morning, good morning, good morning! Come here for some news, have you?    New York City Gets a Chief Technology Officer “New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio is unveiling the city’s first ever chief technology officer this evening at the 10th anniversary of NY Tech Meetup. The new CTO, Minerva Tantoco, has worked […]

Good morning, everyone! It’s another day full of headlines.   Apprenda OneCloud Alliance Attracts Top Vendors; Promotes Open, Interoperable Enterprise PaaS “Apprenda is taking steps to leverage its PaaS (platform as a service) to make it easier for IT to assemble and deploy “best-of-breed” open cloud solutions ready to work with legacy infrastructures. Apprenda’s OneCloud […]

Good morning, one and all! Is it time for some headlines, already?    Your Next Cloud Move “Industry pundits, and some IT practitioners, have spent years chattering about cloud, tossing around the same tired complaints. Meanwhile, cloud providers have their own narratives…Let’s assume you get cloud’s reality and trade-offs and can parse marketecture on your […]

Good morning to you all! If you’re here for some news, you’re in the right place.   The Case for Separation of Church and State Regarding PaaS and IaaS “Being part of the choir, it’s easy to assume that everyone gets cloud. To those of us that live and breathe cloud, the differences in SaaS, […]

Good morning to one and all. And now, to the news.   Here’s to the New York Tech Scene “…In just half a decade, the NY tech scene has exploded. And while it’s still far from rivaling the monolith that is the San Francisco Bay Area, it’s also managed to outstrip every other US city. In […]

Good morning, everyone. I hope you’ve all returned from your extended siesta feeling refreshed! Let’s catch you up on some headlines:   Cisco Hints at Plan to Adopt Application-Centered Containers “Apparently not wanting to be left out of the latest craze in virtualization, Cisco is hinting at plans to incorporate Docker containers into its emerging cloud […]