Good morning one and all. Welcome back from your weekend. Wondering what’s up in the world of cloud and enterprise technology? Let’s find out!   Why Enterprises Need To Adapt To Agile “Enterprises and start-ups alike have been drawn to agile development in recent years for its speed-to-market benefits. However, there’s a misconception that enterprises […]

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Good morning, one and all! It’s Friday, that day of the week when you think to yourself “I can’t wait to read Apprenda’s Marketwatch before my weekend begins!” Well, let’s get to it.   83% Of Healthcare Organizations Are Using Cloud-Based Apps Today “HIMSS Analytics’ recent survey of cloud computing adoption in healthcare provider organizations […]

  Over the next several years nearly all organizations, regardless of industry, will become software companies. Simultaneously, IT leaders are finding they need to deliver world-class services and an ecosystem where customers, employees, and partners can build, deploy, and monetize cloud services. Organizations can achieve both these goals through Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications.   According to […]

Good morning, everyone! It’s another day full of headlines. Without further ado, here’s the news!   Cloud computing: An important component of the physical infrastructure for smart cities “…In developing a smart city infrastructure, it is necessary to think of cities as complex systems with departments as subsystems sharing all resources and assets. In this […]

Good morning, everyone! Let’s scroll down a bit and get you some news!    PaaS Boosts Productivity & Innovation, Cuts Costs “The majority of worldwide organizations today are either deploying or plan to deploy platform-as-a-service (PaaS) technologies, according to a recent survey from Progress, an app development and data integration software company. These organizations are […]

Good morning, everyone! Let’s make with some headlines!   Welcome to the next tech revolution: Liquid computing “The Handoff feature in iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite is the first taste of truly contextual computing…It’s a sign of a change in computing that Google and Microsoft are also pursuing, not just Apple…Handoff is the first […]

Good Morning, Everyone! Don’t Let Monday Get You Down. We’ve Got the Day’s Headlines Ready to Go!    Hardware Is The New Software “Nest. GoPro. Beats. Jawbone. Oculus. All hardware companies and each of them accorded multi-billion-dollar valuations either in private investment transactions or acquisitions by some of the largest technology companies on the planet. When […]

Good morning, one and all! Friday has arrived, and so have today’s headlines!   Top Five Reasons to Use the Cloud (and Four Things for SMBs to Consider) “Cloud solutions provide significant benefits to companies of all sizes, but a recent study shows that less than 10 percent of organizations believe their existing IT infrastructure […]

Why The Cloud You Want Is Not The Cloud You Deserve “Every enterprise wants to be Amazon these days. Tempted by the promise of cheap, elastic cloud computing, companies are rolling out OpenStack and other private cloud solutions, certain that they’re building a winged unicorn. In reality, many of them are building a donkey. That’s […]

Good morning everyone! Have you heard the biggest news of the day yet?   The Incredible Shrinking Tech Spending Projections “Summer is flying by – Gartner has already trimmed its annual projections for worldwide information technology spending. Why this keeps happening, however, is a story of something very particular: In the current tech transition, analysts […]