Seeking a long-lasting, meaningful relationship can be overwhelming and intimidating, especially in the new world of online dating. Though you may feel stressed or unsure initially, remember you are not alone as you dip your toes in the online dating pool.

More than half of people under 30 report ever using a dating app or site, and about 37 percent of those ages 30 to 49 have reported it. The use of older people aged 50 and up has risen, and about 20 percent of people in this age group have used a dating app to find a long-lasting relationship.

We have done the work for you to help you find a new dating app to try by compiling a list of our top 10 favorites and sharing them below:

Top Pick
Our Score 9.8 Out of 10
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Our Score 9.7 Out of 10
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Our Score 9.5 Out of 10
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Our Score 9.2 Out of 10
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Our Score 9.1 Out of 10
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Our Score 8.7 Out of 10
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Our Score 8.5 Out of 10
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Top Pick
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Zoosk Visit Site

Zoosk is an online dating app with one of the largest dating pools available. Signing up for this dating app gives users access to over 40 million members, ultimately increasing their chances of finding a match. The platform emerged in 2007 as part of Facebook, eventually becoming its entity and one of the best online dating apps for those seeking a long-term relationship. The most common age range of users found on Zoosk is between 25 and 45.

  • More than 40 million members
  • Profile verification
  • Available in more than 80 countries
  • Available in 25 languages
  • Gamified dating features
  • Behavioral Matchmaking™ technology
  • Free sign-up trials
  • Low monthly pricing starting at $10
  • Zoosk's DateMix blog
  • Matches do not always perfectly align with preferences
  • Sparse dating profiles
  • No refund policy
  • Hidden additional fees


Our score Out of 10
eHarmony Visit Site

eHarmony is one of the most known dating apps, which claims their service is responsible for the most marriages compared to similar sites. This app has a well-balanced membership with 51 percent men and 49 percent women, matching daters ready to find love based on profiles, compatibility scores, and detailed questions. eHarmony is available for users aged 18 and older, but most are between 30 and 44.

  • Trusted dating app
  • Safety screening
  • High success rates
  • Exceptional compatibility matching system
  • Balance male-to-female ratio
  • High-quality users
  • Limited free trial
  • Higher subscription fees
  • Long sign-in process
  • It is not ideal for casual daters
  • Not all users have profile pictures


Our score Out of 10
SilverSingles Visit Site

SilverSingles helps users over 50 years of age find the perfect match. This dating app's match-up service provides users three to seven matches per day until they find a potential partner. As one of the leading dating app platforms for seniors, SilverSingles matches members based on a detailed personality test designed by relationship experts.

  • Multiple matches per day
  • Secure Messaging
  • Affordable compared to others
  • Exclusive to seniors (50+)
  • User-friendly
  • Basic members have limited features
  • Cannot search other users
  • Must rely on matches sent by SilverSingles
  • Extensive sign-up process


Our score Out of 10
EliteSingles Visit Site

EliteSingles is a dating app that helps match singles who don't want to spend tons of time filtering through near-endless profiles. This dating app system is designed for professional, mature users aged 30 to 55. Because this dating app aims toward intellectual and professional lives, users can connect with their perfect match, including someone who loves having deep, thoughtful conversations.

  • Dating app does the work for you
  • Manually verified profiles
  • Geared toward professionals
  • Attracts daters looking for serious relationships
  • Inactive profiles regularly get filtered out
  • Premium membership must be paid in full
  • Minimum search radius is 50 miles
  • Limited number of matches (3-7 per day)
  • Lengthy sign-up process
  • No verification of education of users
  • Limited customer support options


Our score Out of 10
Tawkify Visit Site

Tawkify enlists matchmakers to do the legwork for you, helping you find the perfect matches and set up dates. Essentially, all the work is done for you, and after your date, you can rate your experiences with the person, helping the matchmakers finetune their search for you. Tawkify has a wide age range of users, with most active users being between the ages of 30 and 65.

  • All the work is done for you
  • Matchmaker services
  • Date rating system
  • Dates curated based on interests
  • Relationship Coaching
  • Background checks on matches
  • Does not assign a dedicated matchmaker
  • I cannot see other members' profiles
  • Matches are not guaranteed
  • More expensive than competitors


Our score Out of 10
Stir Visit Site

Stir is a dating app open to all ages over 18 seeking their ideal match for a long-term relationship, with many users between 20 and 40. One unique thing about Stir is it is commonly used by single parents and people who do not mind dating someone with kids. A free version with limited features and a monthly subscription rate of $16.99 per month unlocks additional features.

  • Convenient
  • User-friendly
  • Easy to set up
  • Fun interactive platform
  • Inclusive user base
  • Limited options in some areas
  • Limited free options
  • Time-consuming
  • Expensive for the features offered
Our score Out of 10 Visit Site

Those looking for a cross-cultural dating experience may want to see what offers. This dating app has members from 32 countries, from North America, Latin America, Asia, and Europe. provides a free version, but it has minimal features. All the features are accessible by signing up for credits, ranging from $49.99 to $299.99. Users must be 18 years or older, but most of the users are over 30.

  • Refunds are given to those scammed by fake profiles
  • Diverse membership
  • Profiles are details and viewable by all users
  • Excessive fake profiles
  • The mobile app is only for Android
  • Uses credit packages instead of one monthly fee


Our score Out of 10
Ourtime Visit Site

Ourtime is another dating app designed to help seniors find a compatible partner to spend time with and start a long-lasting relationship. The app's algorithm matches people over 50 with similar interests looking for the same things. The app is free, but Ourtime users who pay for the monthly subscription enjoy many more online dating-related benefits.

  • Designed with large print and photos+33
  • Easy to use
  • Simple profile set-up
  • Video chat support
  • Fun profile questions
  • Free members cannot message members
  • Many matches live too far away
  • No personality tests
  • Separate payments for messaging features


Our score Out of 10
Match Visit Site

Match is a popular dating app that has existed since online dating began. The app provides users with a free version to test the waters and premium features for as low as $19.99 monthly. Match has millions of users from 60 countries, increasing the odds users will find their perfect match. Match is available for all users over 18, but most premium members are between 30 and 49.

  • Easy set up
  • In-person event opportunitie
  • Cancel anytime
  • LGBTQ+ friendly
  • Unlimited video chatting
  • No guarantees
  • Profiles are limited
  • Several tech glitches
  • Limited free functionality
  • Time-consuming


Our score Out of 10
BlackPeopleMeet Visit Site

BlackPeopleMeet is an online dating app that has been helping primarily members of the black community find romance since 2002. This dating app also helps those of any race interested in finding a black partner connect, and it is very suitable for those looking for a travel partner, friend, or serious relationship. BlackPeopleMeet uses various information points to help users find their perfect match based on questionnaires and other profile features. A majority of the users on BlackPeopleMeet are 30 years old and up.

  • LGBT friendl
  • Active and engaged users
  • Various customizable features
  • Keyword searches
  • Affordable
  • Does not conduct personality test
  • Many fake profiles
  • No free messaging
  • Customer service difficult to reach

Frequently Asked Questions

Man sitting on the couch checking his cell phone and laptop

How do online dating sites work?

Online dating sites and apps help those looking for a relationship or to go on dates as a platform to create personal profiles. These profiles share information, including name, age, interests, and what they seek in their future partner, allowing other users to search for them and then communicate with one another.

Some dating apps offer matchmaker services, providing users with higher-level memberships access to detailed reports about who meets their dating preferences. Depending on the app, users fill out an extensive questionnaire asking personal questions to help the dating app successfully group potential matches.

Who should use dating apps?

phone showing a match in the Tinder app

When seeking the perfect match, many people wonder if they should be using a dating app to help expand their search. Online dating apps are great for adults looking to expand their circles while trying to find companionship and romantic relationships.

Various dating apps cater to different age groups, interests, dating intentions, and more. Additionally, dating apps offer convenience to those with busy lives by helping them find a suitable match without needing to go to the bar or find a place to hang out to meet new people.

What should I know before choosing a dating app?

There are many factors to consider before choosing a dating app, including what you are looking for, the age of the person you want to meet, and other preferences. The first thing you should consider is the type of relationship you want because some dating apps cater to those seeking long-term relationships, while others attract those who are only looking for casual relationships.

How much do dating apps cost?

Most dating apps have free versions or free trials, but these membership levels have minimal features. Additionally, many apps with free versions do not allow those at this level to communicate with other members.

The monthly premium for dating sites ranges from $10 to $100 (or more) based on the services, features, and subscription length.

Are paid dating sites better?

Paid dating sites offer more features than free dating apps, which helps users connect with more people. The greater the number of people you can connect with on a dating app, especially those open to pursuing romantic, long-term relationships, the better a person's chances are of finding a suitable partner.

What is the #1 best dating app?

The number one dating app available, which also self-proclaims has the most successful matches leading to marriage, is eHarmony.

What are the best free or cheap dating apps?

Several dating apps offer free versions or free trials, but the one that provides the best free version is

What are the best dating apps for relationships?

man and woman holding hands in a romantic atmosphere

Those looking for long-term relationships may have better luck using eHarmony or SilverSingles for online dating.

What are the best dating apps for young adults?

Young adults are turning to online dating apps to help widen their circle of friends and find someone to develop and grow a long-term relationship. Those who attempt online dating have the best luck using eHarmony and EliteSingle, with many more users in their age range.

What are the best dating apps for the average man?

Average men looking to find the perfect person to start developing a long-term relationship often find success using Match and eHarmony.

What dating app do successful men use?

Two apps stand out for successful men looking for new relationships - EliteSingles and Tawkify.

What are the best dating apps for women?

woman looking at her phone sitting in dim light

Women tend to have the best luck with dating apps such as eHarmony and Match when looking for their perfect match.

What is the worst dating app?

Many dating apps are awful, but in 2014, one online app admitted using its users for a social science experiment. OKCupid has been known to adjust users' profiles to make them look more attractive to people for whom they would not be a good match and pair the worst matches together over helping people find their perfect match.

Which dating apps have the best results?

Match and eHarmony have been known to produce some of the best results when users find their perfect match.

Which dating app results in the most marriages?

eHarmony claims to be the best dating app leading to the most marriages, but users claim they found tremendous success finding their future spouse on Match.

What dating apps do Americans like to use?

Many online dating apps are available to help them find true love, but most Americans find themselves using eHarmony, Match, and OurTime.

Which dating app has the highest match-up success rate?

phone showing chat with girl

Match and eHarmony may have high success rates, but online dating app users also claim high success rates using Zoosk, EliteSingles, and BlackPeopleMeet.

What is the best dating app for people in their 30s?

Match has a variety of users of all ages, but most of their users looking for serious relationships can be found on Match.

What dating sites are scams?

Depending upon a person's experience with a dating app, they may consider even the ones listed here as scams. The ones on our list where users have reported the most encounters with fake profiles include and BlackPeopleMeet. However, these sites do what is possible to remove these accounts, and offers refunds to those scammed while using their app.

Do women have more success with dating apps than men?

Though many believe that women have a better success rate on dating apps, men have more success finding an exclusive relationship.

Why are there more men than women on dating apps?

There are many reasons why more men are on dating apps than women. Some believe it is because women have a greater chance of meeting someone in real life, while men work a lot and have less time to go out and meet someone.

Who is using online dating apps?

Senior man looking at a dating app

Most dating apps allow any adult age 18 or older (except those geared toward people over 50) to sign up as a user. However, different apps cater to and attract different age ranges, lifestyles, personalities, and more. Below is a chart showcasing the average percentages of the various groups of people using online dating apps:

Category of People Using Dating Apps Percentage
Men 34%
Women 27%
Teens 7%
Young Adults 53%
Adults 37%
Seniors 20%
LGBT 51%

What is the success rate for using dating apps versus encountering fake dating profiles?

With everything happening online behind a keyboard or phone screen, there is always a risk of encountering a fake profile now and then. Though fake profiles can lead to dating app failures, many more people have succeeded in using one or more of the various dating apps.

Dating App Success 70%
Dating App Failure due to Fake Profiles 10%

What are some reasons people use dating apps?

People decide to sign up for a dating app for many reasons. Below, we have compiled a list of some of the many reasons why people use an online dating app:

Reason to Use a Dating App Percentage
Find an exclusive partner 59% men; 50% women
Have something fun to do 38% men; 30% women
To see what the app is like 28% men; 18% women
To develop platonic relationships 27% men; 22% women
To boost self-esteem 23% men; 14% women
To find someone for a friend 22% men; 14% women
Find non-exclusive partners 15% men; 24% women
To have casual sex 14% men; 36% women
To have an affair 3% men; 9% women

If you are considering downloading a dating app and getting back into the dating pool, check out the sites listed above. We encourage you to look closely at each to find the perfect fit for your dating desires and needs.

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