ITBusinessEdge | December 30, 2010

What Are the Core SaaS, Cloud Skills?

Sears posed the question about skills to Apprenda CEO Sinclair Schuller. Apprenda makes the cloud middleware Apprenda. Schuller spoke of four areas of skills to comprehend and master:

  • concurrent programming
  • building for Web scale
  • employing high-availability software infrastructure
  • performance-based architecture.

Said Schuller: “Another way to look at SaaS skill sets is to group them in two buckets: industrial and academic. Industrial skills are those that you can to some degree learn on the job but employ knowledge of programming languages, of the framework du jour and understanding how to correct bugs. Academic skill sets are higher-level skills with knowledge of how to design systems for high availability and scale, many of which came out of technology research communities, and have experience in areas like memory management systems, thread scheduling and many skills aligned with operating systems.”