Press Release | March 8, 2010

Updated Apprenda Meters Application Usage and Provides Companies Insights on Feature Sets and New Revenue Models

CLIFTON PARK, NY Apprenda, creator of Apprenda, the industry’s leading SaaS Application Server, today announces additions to Apprenda giving software companies the competitive advantage to seize new revenue opportunities through insights gathered from usage patterns within their applications.

Apprenda has expanded Apprenda’s metering and monetization engine to allow detailed monitoring of usage patterns for features within an application. New product management strategies can be derived from this data for utilizing better pricing structures or defining the right bundling options. This complex and powerful engine lets companies easily define the metering of features within their application all conducted behind the scenes, remaining transparent to customers.

“Understanding granular feature usage metrics like how often, how many, and by whom, provides an incredible value to maintaining a successful SaaS business model,” said Sinclair Schuller, CEO of Apprenda. “Customers today demand flexible pricing options, a variety of contract models, and a la carte feature sets. Apprenda’s full metering and monetization engine gives product management insights into how to market and sell the product keeping the business agile and in tune with its users.”

ISVs must have a complete understanding of how customers are using their software, but trying to develop this level of real-time, multi-tenant data aggregation is difficult and would just add one more layer of burden to internal resources. Apprenda provides a convenient, single management portal to get a real-time look at application usage so companies can quickly react to indicators of where more money can be made, or where usability improvements can be added and adjust for that immediately.

About Apprenda

Apprenda is the creator of Apprenda, the industry’s leading SaaS Application Server. Apprenda solves the upfront and ongoing technical and business challenges of delivering software as a service. Apprenda provides software companies with zero-effort multi-tenancy and grid scalability in addition to “out of the box” application services like metering and monetization, billing and subscriber management, and much more.

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