GigaOm | February 27, 2013

Single-language no more: Apprenda adds Java to its .NET-centric platform

Apprenda is a bit of anomaly. It’s a tech company based not in Silicon Valley or Redmond or Cambridge but outside Albany, N.Y. While rivals tout the appeal of public Platform as a Service (PaaS),  Apprenda holds that private PaaS is the way to go — at least if you want paying customers. And, it eschewed the multi-language goal of many rivals to focus on .NET applications only. Until now that is.

As of now, Apprenda will also support Java, says CEO Sinclair Schuller. It’s not really a huge surprise, even though Schuller was a vocal proponent of single-langauge PaaSes . Last May, he told GigaOM if he were forced to choose a second language to support, Java would be it.

Well the time has come.