IBM Bluemix Blog | April 3, 2017

Run new and existing .NET applications on Bluemix with Apprenda

Cognitive Business.  Another buzzword?  No.  Businesses are working hard every day to differentiate themselves in a competitive marketplace.  The path to differentiation is harnessing the world’s data and turning these data into insights on which you can take action.  This is the path to digital intelligence – the next evolution of the world’s digital journey.

There is a common challenge.  How do I find the time and resources to drive my transformation to a cognitive business? No one is handing out blank checks for innovation.  CIOs are challenged to cut costs while achieving growth.  Successful CIOs need to balance optimization with innovation.

IBM Bluemix helps strike this balance.  Unless you are a start-up, you have existing applications.  While sometimes you build net new apps, other times you may lift and shift an application to the cloud or simply leave it where it is and leverage services from the cloud, like Watson.  Bluemix provides a suite of services and tools to help you from various entry points:

  1. Moving existing workloads to the cloud ( “Lift and Shift” or “Cloud Enabled”): run existing workloads in cloud while taking advantage of scale and cost as a first step towards business transformation
  2. Creating new workloads on the cloud (“Cloud Native”): disrupt a market with innovative solutions created on the perfectly matched compute for the workload type
  3. Augmenting with Cognitive, Industry and Unique Services (Grab & Go): enhance an existing app for a competitive advantage.

Developing for each entry point brings specific challenges, including the choice of development languages and tools.   IBM Bluemix and Apprenda have partnered to make it even easier to move, develop or augment workloads for the cloud by making .net support available on Bluemix.

How do IBM and Apprenda make it easier to develop on the cloud?

Customers face the challenge of not only how to build cloud native .NET apps, but also the challenge of how to cloud-enable their existing .NET app portfolio. Microsoft .NET developers and organizations with large portfolios of existing .NET applications benefit in multiple ways:

  • IBM Bluemix now offers the broadest .NET support in the industry, including the ability to run web & SOA apps, WCF, Windows Services, & even Windows executables that are used in architectures for work like batch processing. Additionally, Bluemix developers have access to a variety of Bluemix-tailored .NET tools, such as Visual Studio extensions and Team Foundation Server functionality, for pushing to the Bluemix cloud.
  • You can now instantly modernize .NET applications with zero or minimal refactoring.
  • New and existing .NET apps are now inherently scalable and enabled to leverage IBM Bluemix services, including Watson, Blockchain and IoT services. IBM and Apprenda worked together to enable .NET applications to be able to tap into Watson services directly – an industry first.
  • All of this is integrated with your existing .NET tooling like Visual Studio, for a seamless developer experience.

How Can You Get Started?

  • The support comes in two form factors – Bluemix Dedicated and Bluemix Public:

    • Bluemix Public (Alpha) – BlueMix for .NET available now via the Bluemix Catalog for Bluemix Public Cloud – (
    • BlueMix Dedicated (coming soon) – Dedicated instances of Bluemix with .NET support enabled and powered by Apprenda. Contact your Bluemix account manager to get started.

Ready to see a demo?

Watch Apprenda’s Michael Michael,  Director of Product, show how  to get started.