Sand Hill | May 14, 2013

Q&A with Apprenda on Enterprise Hybrid Cloud Trends

Editor’s note: Hybrid cloud is not just an infrastructure-centric concept, says Sinclair Schuller, Apprenda’s CEO. In this interview he discusses the business issues, challenges and solutions of hybrid clouds; de-risking the adoption of public cloud; how enterprise PaaS helps a mobile services back end and other important cloud trends. Please describe the trends in some of the challenges that companies encounter when migrating to a hybrid cloud solution. 

Sinclair Schuller: Hybrid cloud, loosely speaking, is the idea that your IT infrastructure is merged into a single logical construct with a third party’s infrastructure. It would be like relying on municipal water while having your own water well at your home. This means that your applications — some of which may have significant strategic value — will live on your IT infrastructure and potentially on someone else’s.

Most of the challenges stem from understanding the risk and liability of relinquishing control, which applications are OK to run outside of your own IT infrastructure, what use cases would leverage the public half of your private cloud and how will all of this affect quality of service.

Second, there are real, mechanical challenges such as how to physical tie a third-party infrastructure to your own…