CloudAve | November 15, 2011

PaaS Is The Future Of Cloud Services: Apprenda And Redhat Update Their Platforms

As we march towards a future dominated by PaaS, we are seeing companies ramping up their offerings. Today Apprenda (previous CloudAve coverage), the .NET PaaS provider, and Redhat (previous CloudAve Coverage), with their Openshift PaaS (previous CloudAve coverage) offering, made announcements about updates to their respective platforms. Apprenda announced the release of Apprenda 3.0, newer and fully productized version of their PaaS layer for enterprises (still) relying on .NET and Windows infrastructure. Redhat announced complete lifecycle support for Java in their OpenShift platform. Let us dig more on these two announcements in this post because both these announcements show a maturation of these platforms as they try to persuade enterprise customers to adopt their services.

First let me discuss the Apprenda news on the release of their next version of the software, Apprenda 3.0.