Dr. Dobb's | January 29, 2014

A PaaS With “Deep Support” For .NET and Java

Apprenda 5.0 PaaS has streamlined developer portal

PaaS company Apprenda has reached its version 5.0 iteration with what is said to be “deep support” for both .NET and Java applications. The release features a streamlined developer portal and what are called “enterprise policy” enhancements including dynamic scaling for the transition to hybrid cloud environments.Apprenda 5.0 sets out to manage resources from within a datacenter as well as from public cloud providers, hence its claims of being able to help move apps on the transition to a fully-optimized hybrid PaaS state.This enterprise-grade PaaS with full support for both .NET and Java represents one platform and one experience for enterprise developers across both .NET and Java applications.

The firm’s Rakesh Malholtra says that his team’s ultimate goal is to make developing applications simpler for everyone involved: developers, IT ops, and production teams.

“With this release, Apprenda has overhauled its user experience, offering new dynamic visualizations in a highly intuitive management portal. Apprenda 5.0 meets the needs of modern enterprises with a focus on policy enhancements and includes the industry’s first API for controlling dynamic scaling, allowing developers to automatically scale applications in response to user traffic and set constraints to ensure that compliance requirements are met,” he said.

Apprenda 5.0 features also include bootstrapping policies to dynamically load libraries or perform additional operations prior to component deployment based on policies. There is native Oracle DB Support including support for data-level multi-tenancy. Enhanced Developer Logging for troubleshooting applications including log export, better contextual search, and threading. Also here we find archive filtering and with this feature, developers have the ability to create regular expression match and replace rules as part of their archive upload.