Accenture | April 9, 2014

A New Era in Capital Markets

JPMorgan Chase Global uses PaaS to boost efficiency of software development

JPMorgan Chase has developed thousands of custom .NET and Java applications that run on the bank’s infrastructure. With tens of thousands of developers / IT staff, and servers also numbering in the tens of thousands, the bank faces a need to develop, run and manage applications at huge scale.

Seeking a more efficient way to meet this challenge, JPMorgan Chase Global Technology Infrastructure saw an opportunity to migrate the firm’s .NET and Java application portfolio and future strategy into the cloud by leveraging private PaaS. This step was aimed at providing a competitive advantage in both time and money, and helping to reshape JPMorgan’s software development and IT maturity. After evaluating various cloud platforms, the bank chose Apprenda’s private PaaS, which—deployed globally, with an enterprise-grade solution footprint—now hosts over 2,000 applications for the firm, and is used by 500 development teams and every line of business.

As well as saving JPMorgan Chase significant costs, the migration to PaaS has also delivered a wide array of other benefits to the bank. These include an improvement of over 50 days in average application time to market; a 300 percent increase in infrastructure utilization; a 700 percent boost in developer productivity for application deployment via standard productivity patterns and platform services; and the ability to leverage the platform with existing .NET and Java applications, as well as with new application development.