SD Times | May 19, 2016

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…Apprenda acquires Kismatic
Apprenda now offers a commercial distribution of Kubernetes and new enterprise support subscriptions that are available to any company running Kubernetes. The new offerings are made possible because of Apprenda’s acquisition of Kismatic, the enterprise Kubernetes company.

With this acquisition, Apprenda hopes to power the transition to cloud-native applications and to allow developers to build their software quickly and more reliably. Also with the acquisition, Patrick Reilly, CEO and founder of Kismatic and governing board member of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation, will become Apprenda’s corporate CTO and lead its strategy with Kubernetes.

Kismatic will continue to expand by supporting subscriptions that provide Kubernetes users with guaranteed SLAs for production and nonproduction Kubernetes instances, and it will offer professional services that help customers extend their cloud strategies, according to a company announcement. Kismatic also contributed to the open-source dashboard for Kubernetes…