Sys-Con | July 28, 2010

Cloud – A Blue Sky Strategy for Telcos

“Furthermore the same feedback loop can be built into the underlying infrastructure layer too. Vendors like Apprenda offers an Enterprise Cloud approach for software developers to re-engineer their traditional .net apps for the Cloud, catering for the core mechanics like hosting in a multi-tenancy environment and metering its usage.

With their own Lifecycle features they’re building the same innovation feedback loop into the Cloud applications platform as is built into the end-user client application too. It increases the capacity for product innovation with the Cloud service provider, who in turn can therefore equip more customers with the same ability for their business models: is another solution accelerator that can be delivered via this software.

This enables service providers to become more innovative in their product range that runs applications for their customers to do the same, a hyper-mode of development known as ‘Accelerating Change’.”