Albany Business Review | October 13, 2014

Apprenda releases ‘milestone’ software update

Apprenda has launched the latest version of its software application platform — Apprenda 5.5.

Apprenda, a software developer with offices in Troy, New York and New York City, builds a technology platform that helps its customers create computer applications, such as ATM transactions. The platform also hosts its customers’ applications.

Rakesh Malhotra, vice president of products at Apprenda said the updated platform enables its customers to create and deploy computer applications quicker, using more programs. Apprenda’s roster of customers includes JP Morgan Chase, Honeywell and McKesson.

“Apprenda 5.5 gives us access to an expanded market, increasing the number of customers and developers that can use Apprenda,” Malhotra said.

Apprenda 5.5 offers additional Java components than the previous Apprenda 5.0 version.

“There were thousands of applications that we didn’t support,” Malhotra said. “If we don’t keep adding platforms, customers may go to a competitor.”

Any updates Apprenda releases simply show up in Apprenda’s subscribers’ platforms. “Our customers get any updates we deploy with their annual subscriptions,” Malhotra said.

For several years, Apprenda focused on Microsoft technologies. “For us, being a startup, it was important for us to have focus on a smaller piece of pie and do a good job in that one area,” Malhotra said.

Malhotra said Apprenda’s updates can be traced to provide feedback from customers. “Two years ago, customers started asking us to expand to include Java,” Malhotra said.

The 7-year-old company, which employs 80, already is focused on future updates. “We have already started working on Apprenda 6.0 and 6.5,” Malhotra said.

Docker, WebLogic and WebSphere are a few platforms that will be included in future updates.

“We are the only player in this space that has long-term production in mind,” Malhotra said. “Our goal is to give our customers as much choice as possible.”