Press Release | December 2, 2008

Apprenda Releases The Apprenda Platform, Revolutionizing How SaaS Offerings are Built and Delivered

Albany, NY December 2, 2008 — Today, Apprenda announced the release of its Software as a Service (SaaS) platform Apprenda℠, the world’s most powerful technology and business platform for independent software vendors (ISVs) pursuing the SaaS delivery paradigm.

In an industry flooded with buzzwords and numerous companies jumping on the platform bandwagon, Apprenda cuts through the SaaS platform clutter and draws a bold line with Apprenda. Apprenda is a powerful SaaS Application Server that abstracts away SaaS intricacies and provides ISVs with the necessary online tools to manage their SaaS business and application offerings. Apprenda drastically slashes time to market for ISVs by automatically weaving a SaaS architecture into their non-SaaS web applications while providing significant long term value via web-based application management capabilities.

“Essentially, we’ve done for on-demand software development what the operating system did for desktop software development. We’ve created a cloud operating system for SaaS, which provides a new layer of abstraction that takes the burden of creating SaaS specific technology, architecture and business components off of ISVs shoulders,” said Apprenda’s CEO Sinclair Schuller. “The desktop operating system short circuited the massive amounts of wasted effort that the industry sank into complicated parts of application development by capturing redundancy into the OS value layer. Similarly, Apprenda squashes the need to engineer a SaaS delivery architecture and auxiliary business tools by automatically injecting SaaS DNA into the architecture of the applications it hosts. This allows our customers to focus on their core business domain and competencies, deferring SaaS difficulties to Apprenda rather than making disproportionate investments in solving these non-strategic problems in their applications.”

ISVs who choose Apprenda as a foundation dedicate nearly 100% of their development investment to their application, shaving off massive amounts of development time and capital requirements that would have previously been allocated to SaaS delivery intricacies. This allows ISVs to bring their solutions to market faster than ever before, utilizing Apprenda’s out of the box functionality for delivery method specifics including:

  • Multi-tenancy
  • User and role systems
  • Provisioning
  • Monetization, billing and payments
  • Application lifecycle and release management

Apprenda believes that the adoption of the SaaS model does not have to be disruptive to an ISV’s core business and Apprenda was built to wholly support that belief. While many of the Platform as a Service (PaaS) offerings on the market today unnecessarily constrain ISVs with proprietary languages, WYSIWYG online editors, or closed-technology stacks, Apprenda empowers ISVs to leverage the SaaS delivery method while continuing to extract value from their existing, industry hardened Microsoft .NET skills, knowledge and assets. Additionally, Apprenda partners with hosting companies who act as independent Apprenda Cloud Providers, creating a powerful PaaS utility that gives ISVs the benefit of standardized development on Apprenda with the luxury of choosing which Cloud Provider will host their published application. ISVs simply use existing tools and IDEs along with the Apprenda Software Development Kit, write web application and database code as if for a single customer, upload the application to a cloud instance of Apprenda, and complete a simple publishing process to make their SaaS offering commercially available to a multi-customer market. ISVs can then manage a variety of operational aspects of their business through Apprenda, ranging from pricing structure definition, security models, and new version releases to customer acquisition processes such as integrating a Apprenda backend e-commerce engine with their corporate website, thereby allowing for the seamless provisioning and onboarding of new customers against defined revenue models.

A number of ISVs that were part of Apprenda’s Technology Preview are already building production SaaS applications on Apprenda.

About Apprenda

Apprenda is the creator of Apprenda℠, a powerful Software as a Service platform that gives independent software vendors a business and technological foundation to build, deploy, and monetize their service-oriented applications for on-demand use without technological lock-in. Apprenda empowers software companies with the ability to build powerful SaaS applications at break neck speeds, smashing time to market barriers, removing implementation roadblocks, and significantly reducing risk. This leaves developers with one job: to build on-demand software that meets customers’ needs without worrying about the difficulties of on-demand delivery.

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