Albany Business Review | December 9, 2014

Apprenda looks to colleges in Albany, New York region for new internship program

Apprenda, a Troy, New York software company, is taking advantage of the local talent pool with a new internship program.

Apprenda has hired seven paid interns from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and the University at Albany for the spring semester. The company is looking to hire up to 12 individuals for the first large-scale internship program at the 7-year-old company.

“We’re growing rapidly and to make the impact we want in the local community we need great talent,” said Dean Iacovetti, director of recruiting at Apprenda.

The company, which also has an office in New York City, builds a technology platform that helps its customers create computer applications, such as those used in ATM transactions. Most of the interns will be working in Apprenda’s testing and release department.

Interns were chosen from a group of 30 candidates based on a competitive interview process. The interviews focused on experience as well as personality and enthusiasm, Iacovetti said. The internships are intended to lead to full-time employment with the company after graduation.

“We were looking at if this is someone we’d consider for a future role,'” Iacovetti said. He worked with the career services at Rensselaer and UAlbany to find the best candidates. The three co-founders of the company attended both universities.

“We can literally see RPI from our window,” said Matt Ammerman, one of Apprenda’s co-founders and vice president of client services.

The interns will be working out of the new Troy office to ease the company’s workload as it prepares for more growth. A milestone software update was released in October. The next version of the platform could be released in the next four to five months, Ammerman said.

While Apprenda has taken on interns in the past, there was not much of a formal interview or recruiting process in the past. Iacovetti said the program started after he pointed that out to CEO Sinclair Schuller, who handed Iacovetti the reins.

Apprenda was ranked 14th out of 22 companies on The Albany Business Review’sInternship List, based on the number of internships offered in 2013. According to the list, Apprenda took on five interns in 2013 and hired four of them.

The company is looking to carry over the internship program to the marketing and development departments as well. If it is successful and eligible candidates apply, Iacovetti said it may expand to a co-op program.