ITBusinessEdge | February 21, 2011

Accommodating Scale-out Architectures in the Cloud

No matter what you do, however, the cloud will require a completely different approach to application development itself, says Sinclair Schuller, CEO and co-founder of SaaS specialist Apprenda. The rigid server architecture of the bricks-and-mortar data center is giving way to dynamic scale-up and/or scale-out environments. Apps that can’t deal with the high availability, highly fluid requirements of such shared architectures are destined to fail.

The point of all this is to build awareness of the fact that not all clouds are the same. While it is tempting to think that simply writing a check to a cloud provider is all it takes to accommodate increasingly large and complex data loads, the reality is that the cloud is more suitable for some types of data and applications than others – for the moment at least.

It doesn’t mean the cloud is a bust, but it does mean you need to do your homework before making a commitment.