ReadWrite | April 6, 2011

A Google App Engine for the Enterprise

What are the alternatives to a private cloud? The question surfaced as I spent some time over breakfast this morning talking with Sinclair Schuller, CEO, Apprenda, which has developed what it calls a Google App Engine for the enterprise. In a sense – a private PaaS.

Apprenda runs between an enterprise infrastructure and the application. It changes behavior for the run-time of .NET applications so it can run in a neutral environment. It provides a middleware that abstracts the issues that developers face inside the enterprise. It serves as a private PaaS environment for managing applications. In that way, it’s similar to Google App Engine.

The Apprenda Web site states that the software is deployable on-premises or in the cloud. It stitches together Windows Server, SQL Server, and IIS instances into a single SaaS platform instance for your .NET Web and SOA applications. It has architecture qualities like multi-tenancy, scale-out and high availability. It integrates into Apprenda, which provide capabilities like application patching, customer provisioning, pricing management and billing/collections workflows – all manageable through point and click web portals.