​​Do your smartphone apps seem to keep getting hacked no matter how many times you change your passwords? Or maybe your phone has just been behaving differently ever since you accidentally clicked on a shifty-looking link or text?

If any of these symptoms sound familiar, there's a chance that your phone may be infected with a piece of spyware known as a keylogger. But what exactly is a keylogger, and why is it capable of causing so much trouble? You've come to the right place to find out.

We'll fill you in on why unauthorized keyloggers can severely compromise your smartphone's security and privacy. Then we'll introduce you to a collection of the best keylogger detectors for smartphones.

Whether you worry your phone has already been infected or you're looking for the best preventative measures, we'll help you find the right option for your situation and budget.

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What is a Keylogger?

A keylogger, aka keystroke logger, is a piece of spyware that can be used to record or monitor every keystroke made on a device. Yep, every keystroke. That includes everything from any password or login information you may enter to your bank account numbers or other personally identifiable information.

As if that isn't scary enough, some more advanced keyloggers are even capable of taking screenshots of your activity as you browse online. Criminals often infect devices like smartphones with keylogger malware, usually in the form of software hidden inside malicious links or downloadable content.

anonymous person using laptop

In some instances, keyloggers can even be installed on a user's hard drive via a USB. Fortunately, USB keyloggers tend to be pretty rare because they can't be installed without gaining direct access to the victim's device.

Regardless, it's safe to say that an unauthorized keylogger can be a very scary thing to carry around on your smartphone! But the good news is that there are plenty of great programs out there that can protect your phone from keyloggers or even remove them once they've already been installed. So, without further ado, let’s jump into how to reclaim your phone’s privacy with some of the best keylogger detectors for smartphones.

Best Keylogger Detectors for Smartphones

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You'll quickly discover that searching for the best keylogger detectors won't pull up as many solid options as you might have expected. That's because many of the best keylogger detectors for smartphones are included as one of many features in a more all-encompassing cybersecurity suite.

What's important to understand is that keyloggers are technically a type of malware known as spyware. So you'll often find them woven into solutions designed to root out spyware, viruses, malware, ransomware, and a whole other host of online threats. While the logistics can get a bit complicated, just know that each of the options you’ll find on the following list comes equipped with everything you need to kick keyloggers to the curb.

Surfshark One

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Surfshark One
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Surfshark is a cybersecurity company that offers several different packages designed to keep your devices secure. When it comes to keylogger detection and prevention, we recommend going with Surfshark One, which comes with real-time protection against malware, spyware, and viruses.

One of the perks of choosing Surfshark One is that a single subscription comes with antivirus protection for up to five different devices. It also comes with a VPN that can be used on an unlimited number of devices so your entire family can enjoy private browsing.

You’ll also enjoy access to an ad and cookie pop-up blocker, private search engine, and masked email generator. Surfshark even has you covered with real-time ID, credit card, and email breach alerts. If you’re looking for a powerful keylogger detector with plenty of extra features, then Surfshark One is a solid choice.


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TotalAV Visit Site

TotalAV is another great company that offers multi-device protection with each subscription. TotalAV Antivirus can be used across your choice of up to three different Windows, Mac, Android, or iOS devices.

It’ll take care of any viruses, malware, or spyware you may be dealing with and continue monitoring your devices with real-time protection. TotalAV Antivirus also automatically checks downloads for potential threats and quarantines any suspicious files before they have the chance to do their damage.

The program even comes with advanced cloud-scanning features that can instantly alert you to suspicious files. While TotalAV offers several other great solutions, its antivirus subscription is a great place to start if your main concern is device privacy and protection.

Norton 360 Select

Norton 360 Select
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If you worry that your identity or financial information may have already been compromised, it may be worth checking out Norton 360 Select. While Norton does offer several less expensive alternatives, 360 Select comes complete with several industry-leading identity theft protection features.

You’ll enjoy the peace of mind that comes with stolen wallet protection, credit, identity, and even dark web monitoring. If your information has already been leaked, you’ll also be eligible for up to $25k in reimbursement, plus up to $1 million worth of any legal or expert expenses needed to restore your ID.

Not to mention that Norton 360 Select also includes top-of-the-line protection from viruses, malware, hacking, and ransomware on up to 10 different devices. With features like a password manager, private VPN connection, and parental controls, Norton 360 Select can go a long way toward regaining your peace of mind.

Avast One Platinum

Avast One Platinum
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If you’re looking for a free malware prevention solution for all your devices, then check out the free version of Avast Antivirus. But while it can help keep your devices free from keyloggers and other threats, it may be worth looking into an upgrade if the damage has already been done.

While pricey, Avast One Platinum offers a great first-year introduction rate and plenty of features that can help you monitor for signs of identity theft. It offers protection for up to six family members and 30 different Android, iOS, Mac, or Windows devices.

Avast’s Web Shield will keep your devices protected from malware, adware, spyware, trojans, and other online threats. It can even flag suspicious emails, monitor your social media accounts for signs of hacking, and outfit you with a secure VPN for ultra-private browsing.

If it turns out your information has already been compromised, Avast will alert you to any credit changes and help you cancel and replace any stolen credit or debit cards. You’ll also enjoy 24/7 identity theft support and up to $2 million worth of identity theft insurance coverage.

AVG Free Antivirus

AVG Free Antivirus
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Next up on our list of the best keylogger detectors for smartphones, we’ve got AVG. Part of what sets AVG apart from the pack is that it offers free antivirus software for both iPhone and Android smartphones.

The free version of AVG Antivirus offers protection against viruses, malware, and ransomware. But it also comes with tools designed to spot and remove any preexisting malware that may already be lurking on your phone.

The free version also comes with features designed to protect you from phishing scams and fake websites. You’ll also enjoy the ability to store up to 40 photos in an encrypted vault and a device cleaner that can help you delete junk files to free up space.

While AVG also offers paid versions with additional features, their free antivirus offerings are among the most generous we’ve come across.

Bitdefender Mobile

Bitdefender Mobile
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Bitdefender Mobile Visit Site

As one of the leading names in cybersecurity, it’s no surprise that Bitdefender offers next-level mobile protection for both iPhone and Android devices. While both are offered in the form of paid subscriptions, the yearly rates are reasonable given the amount of protection they provide.

Bitdefender can equip your smartphone with the tools needed to remove and block potential threats, all with minimal impact on your battery life. It can also protect your online accounts, safeguard your passwords and other personal information, and shield your messages and calendars from phishing scams.

Review blocked threats to spot any security gaps or use the included VPN to enjoy the ultimate privacy online. The Android version even comes with Anti-theft protection that allows you to instantly lock, locate, or wipe your device if it’s ever lost or stolen.

If you’re interested in comprehensive protection for all your devices, then Bitdefender’s other solutions are also worth checking out. The company offers everything from a Digital Identity Protection package to all-in-one solutions that come with up to $2 million worth of identity theft protection.


How can you tell if your phone has a keylogger?

woman in the dark using cell phone

Smartphones that have been infected with keyloggers will usually exhibit telltale signs like overheating, excessive battery draining, or random shut-offs. You might also start getting strange text messages or notice apps that seem to open on their own.

Can USB keyloggers be detected?

While most malicious keyloggers are installed remotely via software, USB keyloggers are physically installed on a device’s hardware. This makes them far more difficult to detect without physically inspecting your device’s hardware. The good news is that they tend to be far less common, especially on home or personal devices.

Why are keyloggers illegal?

illegal anonymous person using laptops

Technically speaking, keyloggers aren’t necessarily illegal to own. That said, installing one on someone’s device without their knowledge or even allowing someone to use your device without telling them a keylogger is active, is illegal at the federal level.

Keyloggers present major privacy concerns, which is why they are rarely used by anyone but criminals. But there are a few instances in which they can be legally and legitimately used.

For example, some parents might use them to monitor the internet usage of young children. In rare cases, companies may even use them to monitor remote employees.


image of cell phone with fingerprint on screen-blue background

Whether you suspect your smartphone may be infected with a keylogger or are looking for ways to ensure it never is, there are now plenty of excellent solutions on the market. Installing a security device on your smartphone can not only safeguard your privacy but save you from the costly consequences of a cyberattack. We hope this rundown of the best keylogger detectors for smartphones has helped point you in the direction of the best security solution for your needs.

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