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Streamlining The SDLC Process With Private PaaS

“49% of large enterprises take weeks or months to get code complete applications into production.”


The Software-Defined Enterprise

Large enterprises are focused on digitalization to achieve important corporate goals such as revenue growth and improved customer satisfaction. However, according to a recent IDG study, 49% of those organizations experience a wait time of weeks – if not months – to get code complete applications to end-users, while wasting considerable amounts of development time. 

For organizations to seize the opportunities presented by digitalization, they must streamline the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) process and thus get applications to market quicker and reduce operational friction without sacrificing governance and compliance. Otherwise those organizations risk falling behind traditional competitors or succumbing to smaller, more agile market disruptors.

Introducing Private PaaS to Your SDLC Process

Private PaaS significantly reduces the time it takes to get custom applications to market by automating many key functions like provisioning, configuration and compliance policy enforcement. This optimizes the number of SDLC steps that developers have to go through to deliver and manage applications.

This paper highlights specific ways that Private PaaS streamlines the enterprise SDLC by comparing the before and after process.

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