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Learn About the Significant
Benefits of Private PaaS:
“The Next Era of Enterprise IT”

"Private PaaS enables enterprises to save tremendous amounts of time & money by optimizing application development, workflows, & infrastructure architecture."

Private PaaS Delivers

With Private PaaS, enterprise IT gains numerous benefits:

  • Reduced costs through greatly improved infrastructure utilization
  • Increased productivity and agility by automating costly DevOps workflows
  • Greatly simplified app development, deployment, management, and scaling

Revolutionizing Enterprise IT

Private PaaS transforms enterprise IT software delivery:

  • Quicker Time-to-Market: app deployment in minutes, rather than weeks or months
  • Reduced Complexity: freedom of apps from infrastructure with a common, inheritable architecture
  • Streamlined App Management: no worries about being outside the bounds of IT governance

Apprenda is the leading Enterprise PaaS
powering the next generation of software-defined enterprises, disrupting industries & winning with software.

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