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Learn About the Significant Benefits of Private PaaS and the Hybrid Cloud Era

“By abstracting applications from infrastructure, private Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) bridges public IaaS and internal IT to empower hybrid cloud strategies.”

Chris Gaun, Global Cloud Strategist at Apprenda (Former Gartner Analyst)

Private PaaS Delivers

“PaaS improves developer productivity, reduces operational effort, and increases hosting density. This value proposition is too compelling for large enterprises to ignore.” – Gartner, 2015 Planning Guide for Cloud Computing

Easy Hybrid Cloud App Migration

  • Private PaaS simplifies applications’ back-and-forth migration between public clouds and internal IT.

Faster Time to Market

  • Architecture patterns common to most apps and clouds are built into the PaaS as middleware to reduce coding time.

Increased Agility

  • Leveraging private PaaS simplifies app deployment and management, increasing developer productivity through shared services.

Enabling the Hybrid Cloud Era

88% of enterprises are interested in private PaaS while 34% of enterprises are already implementing or evaluating private PaaS. – “Detecting a Red Shift in Enterprise Software Development”

Automated Policy and Governance

  • Private PaaS automates application provisioning policies so that a public cloud app can be moved to the internal data center by policy.

Reduced Costs

  • Private PaaS greatly increases infrastructure utilization, removes many manual configuration tasks, and provides self-service interfaces.

Streamlined Application Management

  • Private PaaS enables organizations to manage all their applications from a central location, never outside the bounds of IT governance.

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