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The Challenges of Enterprise Software Development in EMEA

““Large European enterprises are wasting up to 60 % of software development resources; IT infrastructure dependencies, compatibility challenges, and manual processes are to blame.””

IDG Business Media

The Answer Is Cloud Computing

  • 47% of European organizations believe cloud is essential to overall business success, with 66% supporting a Private or Hybrid Cloud model
  • 62% of European organizations believe there is significant business value to be derived from cloud-enabling existing enterprise applications.
  • 88% of software developers believe self-service access to IT infrastructure and application services is essential to success, but only 35% currently have access to them

IT Organizations Are Failing to Support Application Development

This new study by IDG shows that the productivity of software developers at large enterprises across the entire European continent is being severely impacted by inefficiencies in central IT organizations.

  • Up to 60 % of software development time is being spent on non-functional requirements that have nothing to do with writing code or adding business value.
  • 93% of European organizations applications are reliant on underlying infrastructure – hindering business agility and severely affecting the productivity of developers.
  • 64% of IT organizations rely on manual processes for workload distribution and compliance control – adding an additional, unnecessary layer of complexity to the software development process.

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